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You’re probably wondering…

What does a doula do? A Hello, Baby! doula is a maternal support practitioner. a.k.a a trained professional in fertility, birth and the 4th trimester.

It is our job to help you take charge of your experience by helping you explore your options and create a vision or goals , and then when you need us, to support you through the positive and empowered experience you always dreamed of.

Come visit us in the shop, book a free consultation to talk about doulas, or sign up for your prenatal class. Once your baby has arrived, get out of the house with our new parent club or register your little one for our brand new baby class - discovery babies!

We are your rock, steady and confident. We’ve got you!

—-Steph and Jenn


Information is power!




Have you registered for your prenatal class yet?

Birth + Baby Prep School is the best Prenatal Education in town, hands down.

Not only do we teach you how about the ins and outs of birthing a baby, we focus on teaching you and a partner how to advocate for yourself in the birth room.

Thinking about getting out of the house?

You'll look forward to every Thursday morning when you join the New Parent Club. 

Each week you'll sit down with experts and other parents in our community to discuss the nitty gritty of life as a new parent. There's a whole lot of #realtalk and community going on in here!

What milestones should my baby be reaching?

Discovery Babies is program for parents and babies. Using play, you will engage in activities to help babies reach their developmental milestones while bonding! You'll leave with a better understanding of your baby’s wide range of skills and abilities and make a few new friends along the way.


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