We met for the first time at a sushi restaurant in 2013 when were both pregnant (Steph with her second and Jenn with her  first).  Over dinner we chatted about Peterborough and it's many gems, our travels and gardening and how we're trying to leave a smaller footprint on this planet. At one point in the conversation, Jenn learned that Steph and Matt didn't own a car and were grocery shopping by ramming a stroller through the snow and ice for hours with a toddler strapped on their back. By the end of the sushi date, Jenn had scheduled trips to the grocery store together by car instead.  Phew!

Our weekly ritual of grocery shopping together turned into coffee dates, and coffee dates led to big talks about community, saving the planet, feminism, birth and the joys and challenges of parenting. All the while our babes grew inside of our bellies. 

When Steph's contractions started with Elsa, Jenn was already at her house (of course) and helped her prepare for her homebirth. And when Jenn was in the trenches with a newborn, Steph was there to drag her out of the house to go for a walk around downtown (with a tea of course!). We became inseparable and we couldn't stop talking about making babies, growing them, birthing them, and are still talking about how to best raise our precious little monster children. So....

Hello, Baby! was born in September 2016.

There is so much we have to offer from our own experiences with breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, babywearing, anxiety, postpartum depression, IVF, surrogacy, returning to work with young children (aka the hustle!), and the joys and challenges of parenting.

Trust us when we say we get it! This shit is HARD! The hardest. Simultaneously amazing and crap at the same time, right?

This is why we created Hello, Baby! Because you need someone in your corner, especially when it can legit change the outcome of your experience and your life. Working with a doula, you'll feel positive, confident, and supported in the choices you make.

In 2018 we opened our very own location downtown Peterborough! A one-stop-shop where you can meet your doula, take a prenatal education class, and pick up the eco-friendly products that meet your needs and values. And, because we love community so much, it was also so important to us that Hello, Baby! is a space where you can drop in and change or feed your baby without feeling any pressure to purchase something or have another reason to be there. 

As people who LOVE this planet, we are so so happy to support our local makers and provide alternative options for families in Peterborough!