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pregnancy support and birth coaching

We are trained Maternal Support Practitioners and we like the word coach because it describes exactly what we do! As your pregnancy and birth coach (aka doula), we are going to provide you with the tools and emotional support you need to reach your goals!

There’s a lot of information to wade through when you’re pregnant and your coach can help you sift through to help you make the right choices for you and your family. We are your rock and your consistent source of support and a neutral third party through it all!

It’s best to get your doula/coach involved in your pregnancy early so that we can prepare for birth together! We suggest you book your consultation anywhere between 10-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Our experts will

  • book two prenatal meetings with you either in person, phone, or video chat

  • be available for any resources you need including linking you with information and wellness and health care professionals

  • be on call for your birth at the 38 week mark during your pregnancy

  • attend your birth

    • there’s no timeline for our support, as your coach you can tap us in whenever you need to!

      • during early labour we help answer any questions you have and help to encourage labour to progress

      • during active labour we help you by:

        -helping your partner to stay involved

        -keeping you fed and hydrated

        -updating, translating and informing you about the changes your team is suggesting

        - changing positions frequently and

        - encouraging you to use gravity,

        - assisting with birth sounds and breathing techniques

        - protecting the sanctity of your birth space, boundaries and rituals

        - encouraging you to keep going towards your birth goals

      • using comfort measures:

        - massage

        - birth and peanut ball technique

        - movement (we have a whole library for ways to cope with contractions)

        - tens machine assistance

        - water therapy

        - hot and cold therapy

        - access medical pain relief

        - encourage you to head to your birth space or call in your birth team

      • during transitional labour we:

        - maintain your rhythm of contractions and work as a team to make it through one of the most intense, but shortest parts of your labour

        - use gravity and position changes to get your baby as far down the birth canal as possible

        - use position techniques to continue to thin out your cervix

      • during pushing we:

        - protect the way you want to push your baby out

        - physically and emotionally support you

        - coach you on how to push and breathe if necessary

        - encourage your birth partner to be in a position to see or catch your baby

    • once your baby is born we help you in whatever way comes next which can include;

      - encourage and support you to birth your placenta

      - promoting skin to skin for parents and baby

      - helping with the first latch

      - emotionally supporting parents through repairs or other trauma from birth

      - supporting partners to support their newborn by staying with the birthing person if the newborn needs immediate support

      - general clean-up

      - debrief and congratulations! lots of ooooohing and awwwwwing

    • your coach will not leave your side until you are feeling confident and ready to rest!

  • Approximately 48 hours after your birth your coach will check in to see how you are doing and if you need any additional support!



Prenatal Meetings x 2
Birth Support
Post Birth Follow Up Check-in


*Payment plans are available! We usually require a 30% retainer to book our services. Once your deposit is paid you can arrange a payment schedule with your doula.

Payment Schedule Options

Option 1

Monthly payments

Option 2

3 easy payments of $285

4th Trimester support - newborn

A lot of pregnant people know there are 3 trimesters of pregnancy but, have you heard of the 4th trimester?

The 4th Trimester are those first three months of your newborns life, and also the time it takes to heal and recover from birth.

You and your baby will have just been through one hell of a ride and you’re going to need some support. Often we see family and friends drop away during this time because they are too busy with their own lives, or they’re trying to give the new family space.

Most parents are desperately in search of help, especially with getting some sleep.

So don’t wait until you’re down the rabbit hole of postpartum depression to call in help. So, go ahead by making a plan to hire our experts for this really important and transformational time in your life.

Our experts can help with

  • sleep for parents and newborns, day or night

  • hands on breast/chestfeeding support or bottlefeeding support

  • newborn care skills like holding, burping, changing, and wearing your baby

  • appointment help - getting you to and from and keeping you company while you’re in and out of medical appointments (includes debriefs and additional resources)

  • protecting sibling time. That older kiddo might need some one on one time with their parents

  • alone time! sometimes parents just want to shower and be alone for a few minutes. Nothing wrong with that!

  • emotional wellness checks with check-ins every shift

  • tidying around the house, organizing, and meal prep to get you ahead for the next meal or the next couple of days

Support Packages

Daytime Support
$100 / day
10 AM - 2 PM*

Nighttime Support
$175 / day
10 PM - 3 AM*

*average shift hours

Add Ons
+$20 / hr for daytime
+$25 / hr for nightime support

Example Support Schedule

Client A
Baby born Dec 25th.

Our client calls us and books support to start January 2nd. They would like 2 daytime shifts and one nighttime shift for the first week to get that big boost of sleep and extra tips and tricks to take care of their baby, especially breastfeeding support. The second week they would like 1 day time shift and 1 nighttime shift and they would like that to continue for the next 5 weeks.

Client B
Baby born Dec 25th.

Partner is able to stay home for the first 5 weeks and the family is very well supported. Grandparent is moving in for the first 5 weeks as well. Partner returns to work week 6 and Grandparent is no longer there. Our client hires us to come in week 6 for 2 daytime shifts and one nighttime shift. The next week they would like us to come in for 1 nighttime shift a week to help them catch up on sleep and a general tidy of the house. They would like this to continue for the next 4 weeks.