Take control of your birth! Our Prenatal Class helps you to create clear goals for yourself and your partner, understand your options, and push through to have your best birth!


You’re in the right place if…

✔  You really like GIPHs

 NERD ALERT! You like to feel prepared

 You want to do this birth and parenting thing on your own terms!

You want to create clear goals for birth and the 4th trimester

You want to understand your options along the way

You want to learn how to push through to meet your goals!

$199 / Couple

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Day 1

  • Setting Goals + Why it’s important

  • How to ask for what you want

    • advocacy + communication
  • Doulas

    • why we’re amazeballs
  • How to work with your birth partner(s)

    • exploring and practicing what’s going to work for you!
  • The physiology of birth

    • stages + phases of labour
    • common interventions
    • how a baby comes out of a vagina, literally!
  • Coping with contractions

    • managing expectations and feelings
    • natural pain relief methods
    • medical pain relief methods
    • tips, tricks, and tools
  • Mind + Body Connection

    • breathing exercises
    • mediations
    • fear, pain, tension cycle
  • The Beauty + Power of birth

Day 2

  • day 1 debrief

  • The first 48 hours

    • Newborn checks + advocacy
    • Breastfeeding basics
    • Baby care + comfort
    • A realistic look at life with a newborn

    The importance of your village

    • The postpartum Doula
    • Your “village” + filling the gaps

    The 4th Trimester

    • Physical recovery + wellness
    • Emotional recovery + mental health
    • How birth affects your identity + your relationship
Birth + Baby Prep School
from 199.99
Class Dates:
Printed Guide: