birth and baby prep school

Preparing you for birth and parenting on your own terms! Create clear goals for yourself and your partner, understand your options, and learn how to push through to have your best birth!


Why birth and baby? We believe that there are FOUR trimesters to prepare for. Pregnancy, birth, and those first precious months with your newborn are all part of a long period of growth, change, and learning for you and your partner and we want you to be prepared.

Taking this prenatal education class sets you up to feel positive about birth and empowered to make your own choices

Classes are offered once a month.

Check the calendar for your weekend!

20 weeks pregnant and beyond is a great time to take our class.


Class is in session!

Over the course of the weekend we will learn about:

Creating a birth plan + why it is so important to have

✔ Why birth is about more than “healthy mom healthy baby” + understanding the role and priorities of your doctors/midwives

✔ Learn the physiology of birth from the first contractions to the final push and more

✔ Discuss + practice coping techniques including the use of touch, birth balls, movement, position changes, the importance of breathing, and more…

✔ Explore the connection between Fear – Tension – Pain + learn how to break the cycle

✔  Review the most commonly used induction methods, interventions, and pain medications + discuss the risks and benefits of each

✔ Learn about the first few months after birth, also called the 4th Trimester

✔ Planning for your physical + emotional recovery from birth

#realtalk about the first few months with baby + the importance of being supported

✔ What to expect from breastfeeding, how it works, and what supports are available

✔ Explore babywearing + other ways to comfort, hold, and soothe baby

Birth + Baby Prep School
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The Nitty Gritty

To secure your spot in class pre-registration is required. Space fills up quickly so take out your calendar and book ahead!