Put a doula on your baby shower wish list!

Get them to think “out of the box”

We know that hiring a doula is an investment (and a darn good one!) and if you have decided that having a doula is the right choice for your birth, recovery, and transition into parenthood then you CAN make it work. Most doulas (including Hello, Baby!) offer payment plans to help you break out the expense over several months which is a great option to explore. If you still feel like hiring a doula is not something you are able to afford, then why not add it to your wish list for a baby shower?

doula baby shower gift

Let your friends and family help you out.

It is normal for friends and family to pitch in together to buy you a “big ticket” item like a stroller system, crib set, or car seat so asking them to work together to buy you the gift of birth or postpartum support just makes sense! In fact, it is an amazing way for friends or family who live at a distance to feel connected and included in your experience. It gives them a chance to help you even when they can’t be there in person.

Feel awkward asking for money towards doula support?

Asking for cash makes the best of us feel awkward so… don’t! Ask your doula if they offer gift certificates that can be used towards birth or postpartum support. This way your friends and family know what they are contributing to and have something tangible to give you at your shower!

When is the best time to hire my birth doula?

The earlier the better!

If you are thinking of adding a doula to your birth team, you may want to consider starting your search sooner rather than later. Although there is no “too late” when it comes to hiring your doula, you definitely get a fuller experience when you connect in the first half of your pregnancy! The earlier in your pregnancy you hire your doula, the more time you have to:

  • access their resources and expertise

  • find out about one another and how you will click on the birthday

  • practice hands-on comfort measures

  • get connected to professionals, groups, and resources in your community

  • ask your doula questions as they come up along the way

  • have your birth partner connect with your doula and figure out how they are going to work together to support you and each other

birth doula hello baby peterborough

Want to connect with a Hello, Baby! doula?

We offer a free consultation to anyone who would like to come and meet us. Finding a doula that you connect with is important so we like to make some time for you to ask questions and make sure that what we offer is going to be what you need! Don’t be shy - we are always happy to chat. E-mail info@hellobabyptbo.com to set up a consultation and chat with a Hello, Baby! doula.

3 reasons to take your prenatal education class earlier

You’ve decided that prenatal education is a “must have” for you… but when do you sign up?

Taking a prenatal education class is such an important step towards preparing for your birth. A good prenatal education class will help you explore the different options you have when it comes to your birthing space, your care providers, pain medications, and hands-on ways you can stay on top of your contractions. No matter how you are planning on giving birth, there are choices you will have to make along the way and knowledge is power.

25 weeks is the perfect time to take your class.

Because there is so much to learn, you want time on your side. Signing up for a prenatal education class around the midway point of your pregnancy means you will have time to process all the information that is presented to you and figure out what you want to fold into your vision of birth. It is never too late to sign up for class, but earlier is better!

prenatal education peterborough hello baby

3 reasons why taking your prenatal education class earlier is a GREAT idea!

  1. Time to research and plan.

    There are a TON of books, blogs, articles, and videos about birth out there. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to start! When you take your prenatal education class around the “half way” mark of your pregnancy not only are you giving yourself time to read and explore, you are giving yourself some direction! Ask your prenatal education teacher for suggestions and dig in!

  2. Time to ask questions.

    If you think about it, you only see your midwives, doctor or OBGYN approximately 15 times throughout your pregnancy (unless any additional scans or checks are needed). Assuming you take your prenatal education class around week 25 that means you may only have 6 or 7 visits left to talk to your care provider, ask them questions, and work together towards a plan that includes your birth goals. The later you take your class, the less time you have to really dig into the details with your team! Trust us, you WILL walk out of class with new information and some really important questions!

  3. Time to practice.

    One of the best things about a good prenatal education class is the opportunity it gives you and a birth partner to learn and practice new skills that will be SO important in keeping you comfortable, calm and confident during your labour. The earlier you take your class, the more time you have to practice what you have learned and you know what they say, practice makes perfect! It has been shown that when you take a prenatal education class that encourages you to take your new skills home and practice them you are significantly more likely to use them during labour and to use fewer medical interventions! Win Win WIn!


Have you registered for a prenatal education class yet?

If you haven’t, now is the time! Whether you can take your class around 25 weeks or not, try to choose a date that is going to leave you with enough time to process all of that info, connect with your care provider to ask questions, and to practice those skills! If you are in the Peterborough area we would love to see you in the Birth + Baby Prep School - the most inclusive, positive, and empowering class in the area!

Running on coffee & willpower alone? We've got you covered.

"I hope you sleep like a baby" is the worst saying ever!

Getting enough sleep is SO important. It affects your physical and emotional well being and every new parent goes through a period of what seem like sleepless nights... or even sleepless weeks!  While it is totally normal for your baby to wake up during the night to eat or for comfort (as often as every 2 or 3 hours for the first few weeks of life, if not longer!), it can take a toll on you pretty quickly. 

Learn about healthy sleep & set realistic expectations.

Once your baby is about 4 months old, it is a great time to start helping them develop healthy sleep habits so that everyone is getting the sleep that they need while also getting the food and comfort that they need. It can be a really tricky thing to do on your own which is why there are amazing people like Erin Oliveira who are Infant Sleep Educators and Consultants to work with you and help you set up a healthy routine!

 Through the knowledge gained from her research and her ECE and Psychology background, Erin Oliveira has been able to guide many other moms to help their babies sleep better. Erin attended the Family Sleep Institute and is a Certified Sleep Consultant and a trained Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

Through the knowledge gained from her research and her ECE and Psychology background, Erin Oliveira has been able to guide many other moms to help their babies sleep better. Erin attended the Family Sleep Institute and is a Certified Sleep Consultant and a trained Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

Learn about healthy sleep & set realistic expectations.

In this 2 hour workshop held in the Hello, Baby! hub 7pm to 9pm, Erin will explain the basics about infant sleep and how to build healthy habits for your baby and your family. During class, Erin will touch on important issues such as: 

-Expectations on baby to preschool sleep needs.

-When and how to choose the right method of sleep training for your family.

-Safe sleep for baby.

-Setting up your environment for sleep success.

-Managing sleep associations.

-Taming toddler bedtimes battles.

There will also be a time for a Q&A session where you can get advice from Erin on your situation and which strategies may be best for you and your family. Each participant will also leave with helpful handouts and FREE Tricks of The Sleep Trade e-book as an added resource.

Infant Sleep Workshop Hello Baby Peterborough

Make a plan and get the sleep you need!

If you are struggling to get the sleep you need and feel like everyone would be healthier and happier with a few more zzzzz on the daily, this workshop will get you started out on the right path!  You will learn so much and leave with some first steps you can put in place to start changing the way you and your baby sleep!

Infant Sleep Workshop
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