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Welcome to the Hello, Baby! Hub: Shop. Learn. Grow. Connect.

More than a store.

Hello, Baby! is getting our first brick and mortar location downtown Peterborough but it is way more that a store.  It is a HUB. A one-stop-shop for all of your pregnancy and parenting needs! Sounds great, right?!  But what the heck does it mean?

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

Shop. Learn. Grow. Connect.

Yes! The Hello, Baby! hub WILL have a great SHOP full of carefully chosen items to help make your journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenting just a little bit easier. ( Stay tuned for more about the amazing products we will be carrying here and on Instagram! )  Having the right tools for the job is super important and we want to help you find just what you need! 

The hub will also have two separate spaces for you to LEARN, GROW, and CONNECT.  

The Gathering Space will be your favourite home away from home in no time!  Comfy couches and chairs, bright sunny windows, coffee & tea, toys for the kiddies all make the Gathering Space a safe and inviting space for you to feed your babies, take in a workshop, or join a club or group!

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

The Wellness Studio will be home to speaker series, yoga and fitness classes, and mini-retreats!  Simple, spacious, and private this little studio space will foster a cozy and personal atmosphere. You will LOVE the cute sliding barn door, too!

There's more!

Aside from the amazing classes, workshops, and products, the Hello, Baby! hub will also have some amazing resources for you to share in.  We will be setting up a Lending Library for the bookworms and a Carrier Library for the babywearing lovers.  There will space to hang-out outside in the warm weather and cozy places to snuggle up when it's cold. Best of all, the Hello, Baby! hub will be a place you can go to ask questions, meet friends, and let it all hang out judgement free. 

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

Your go-to place for pregnancy and parenting!

We are literally making our dreams come true and we cannot wait for you to come and join us downtown!  There are lots more amazing details coming up soon so check in to the blog, join our newsletter mailing list, and follow us on Instagram for all the behind the scenes fun.

Can you help us with our gathering space?
#allthebras #community

#allthebras #community

As you may have seen, we're opening a pregnancy and parenting hub in March which is super exciting but we need your help. We are always trying to make the best business decisions so that we're able to sustain the growth of Hello, Baby! which means asking for help. So here we are!

We are looking to people like you, amazing, generous, beautiful people to donate some gently used items. If you don't have anything on the list but would like to help in another way, please contact us (info below). We are going to create a donor wall of love for all of the amazing women and families who have helped us along the way. 


- Accent chairs
- Area rugs
- Bookshelf
- Rocking chair or glider
- Fertility, Pregnancy, Parenting, Postpartum, bad ass boss lady books to add to our amazing collection available for lending. 
- Baby carriers (for our lending library) 
- Diapers and wipes (for our change station)
- A smart TV & wall mount
- An electric fireplace with mantel
- a wireless speaker system that magically connects to our computers

Building this beautiful space can add up super quickly, and we would love to re-home someone's gently used items to give them new life.

please email us
text or call

All items must come from a smoke-free home, in good working order and follow all safety and manufacturing guidelines.

World Doula Week - Jenn

Happy World Doula Week 2017!  

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

If you follow Hello, Baby! on Facebook or Instagram you have probably been seeing a whole love of doula love being shared this week and for good reason.  We love our work and it gets us super excited to have the chance to let everyone know more about who we are and what doulas  do!  Even better is the chance to tell you a little bit more about us as people and doulas and what we have learned about birthwork so far.  Ready?  Let’s do it!

Doula Selfie!

Hello, Baby! co-owner and doula, Jenn Avis.

Hello, Baby! co-owner and doula, Jenn Avis.

This is me, Jenn, on my way out to a birth!  One of the exciting things about being a birth doula is the "surprise" factor - babies come on their own schedule, that much is for sure.  The name of the game when it comes to dressing for birth is comfort and layers.  I have supported births as short as 5 hours and as long as 46 hours!  

Favourite Quote.

Peterborough doula world doula week

I remember seeing this quote a couple of years ago and it really stuck with me.  The process of becoming a parent - whether that happens by birthing a child, surrogacy, or adoption - changes you in ways you couldn't have anticipated.  Physically, emotionally, and spiritually you grow.  It is an amazing process to be a part of and it deserves celebration!


Tool(s) I use most

Peterborough doula Hello Baby Jenn

There are so many wonderful resources and tools that can be used to support a person as they labour or after baby is born but in the end I tend to rely on the basics: my head and my hands.  I love when birth balls, wraps, and cool cloths get pulled into the mix, but I am a firm believer in the power of touch and the comfort and strength it can help someone achieve during birth!

Some kind words from past clients.

Definitely recommend having a doula! You made my experience a more calm one. Knowing someone was there focusing just on me helped me to relax. Doulas rock!
— Crystal K. 2016
For me, pregnancy after loss has brought with it a whole mixed bag of emotions: joy mixed with fear and mainly a huge helping of anxiety. Along with excellent care providers and a wonderful therapist, hiring a doula as part of my care team is the best choice I could have made for myself. For me, having a doula with me on this journey is like having a friend I can contact day or night when I’m feeling like I’m about to fall to pieces. She is always there to help me put myself back together with gentle encouragement and is never judgmental. Pregnancy after loss has been a very difficult journey for me, but having a doula on my side has helped make it bearable.
— Sarah M 2016

A doula is there for YOU and the difference that kind of unconditional support can have on a person's experience with pregnancy, birth, loss, or the transition into parenting is real and important.  Kind words like these are what makes the work we do so meaningful.

My doula bag

Peterborough doula Hello Baby Jenn

For the most part this is it!  I do often have some essential oils for diffusing if that is something a client is interested in & one thing that is definitely missing is my phone charger!  Other than that, there isn't much I need that we can't find in a home or hospital setting.

A Mentor/ Source of Inspiration

There are so many people who inspire me an my work as a doula.  There are authors and researchers and other doulas who are very much part of why and how I got started on this path.  I think, however, that one of my most constant sources of inspiration is a friend and family member - my sister-in-love, Sarah.  

Sarah & Jenn at a family wedding 2016

Sarah & Jenn at a family wedding 2016

Warm. Intelligent. Determined.  Strong.  Wise. Willing to learn.  Striving to heal.  Sarah has been my companion and friend through the wild ride of pregnancy, birth, and life with a baby and now toddler.  She has taught me so much about compassion and self-love.  She is an unwavering friend and one of my biggest cheerleaders.  Love you , Sarah!

What is my favourite part about being a doula?

As long as I can remember I have been looking for work that allowed me to help people in a meaningful way.  It took me a long time to find the right path but after having my own experience with with pregnancy, birth, and the bumpy postpartum road and seeing first hand the deep impact that unbiased and unconditional support can have for a person going through this life and self changing process, I knew that becoming a doula was the first step to finding my "thing".  

Are you thinking about hiring a doula?

If you think you would like to have a Hello, Baby! doula on your birth team click HERE to contact us and get the ball rolling.  We would love to work with you and help you have a positive and empowered birth.

What's Going on in PTBO?

As mamas ourselves, we know just how hard it is to figure out what you can do with the family - without breaking the bank! Wouldn't it be great if someone had a giant list of things to do for every day of the week so you didn't even have to think about it? We've got you covered!

We've teamed up with local mama Emily Hill who has worked really hard to put together a huge list programs and events from Monday - Sunday so you can get out of the house and do something fun with your little one!

Emily Hill is a new mom, wife, geomatics tech and university transplant to Peterborough who is passionate about her community and always looking for something to do around town. In her off time she can be found sipping coffee, chasing her son, walking her dog and compiling 'Things to Do'!

Grab your planner and sit down with this list! We'll be updating it every season so fear not! Get out of the house, grab a cup of coffee, make some new friends or enjoy some adult conversation. Happy planning!