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Spotlight on Stephanie Reynolds Yoga

Welcome back!

If you are following along with this little series of posts about wellness during pregnancy we would love to hear your thoughts or questions about last week's post about the Top 5 Coolest Things Your Pregnant Body is Doing.  Leave a comment or tag @hellobabyptbo in an Instagram pic.  We love belly shots!

This week we are talking to one of our amazing community partners Stephanie Reynolds.  Mother, local business owner, yogi, pelvic floor fitness expert and (in a nutshell) a guru on the subject of all things pre and post natal fitness, Stephanie works along side a group of vibrant women at Stephanie Reynolds Yoga and the Peterborough community is lucky to have her!

 In a nutshell, the muscles that makes up your pelvic floor are like a really strong hammock that keeps everything up and in.  For a pregnant woman, this is super important because you have a whole extra person to support (literally!) and your pelvic floor if working overtime.  Having a strong pelvic floor can also lead to an easier labour and birth as well as a faster recovery!  

Why do we love Stephanie?  

Besides her passion for fitness, she shares the Hello, Baby! commitment to community and empowerment.  When we asked her to sum up why she is so passionate about her work and her answer was simple and real.

I want people to live happier, healthier lives and to feel comfortable in their skin. Growing, birthing, and raising a child strips us down to our raw selves in a way that nothing else can. It also shows us how strong we really are! What I am really passionate about is helping other women, especially new mamas, build strength and confidence so they can shine.
— Stephanie Reynolds
Stephanie Reynolds Yoga Peterborough

Specializing in core and pelvic floor fitness, Stephanie offers a wide variety of classes including  Prenatal Yoga, one-on-one assessments, and special events.  If you are looking to try something new, Stephanie Reynolds Yoga is definitely worth checking out.

Keeping your body strong and balanced during pregnancy and after birth is so important to your overall wellness.  Our next post will continue the theme of wellness during pregnancy and will plunge into a discussion about why water is so important for the pregnant body and how you can squeeze more of it into your day.  Stay tuned!

Take Good Care,

- Jenn

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