Health with Jill is joining The New Parent Club

Simple. Delicious. Filling.

Jill Persson of Health with Jill will be joining the New Parent Club!  Once every session she will sit down and talk with you about the importance of nutrition for you and your family during this first year with your tiny human.

Peterborough doula New Parent Club

Learn how to make your meals pack a punch!

Jill Persson is a toddler-mom, and a CanFitPro Certified Healthy Eating and Weightloss Coach on a mission to spread the love for simple, healthy food. No bells and whistles - just simple advice on how to make your meals work for you.  Let's face it, eating well while taking care of your babies can be tough!  You are tired and short on time.  Let Jill help you keep it simple!

Peterborough doula New Parent Club

Join the club!

The New Parent Club will run for 6 weeks at a time throughout the year!  If you are looking for a great way to connect with other new parents and learn some tips and tricks for making the most of that first year with baby, the why not join the club?! Every week will touch on a different subject from infant sleep to mental health and everything in between.  Register with a few quick clicks.