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Meet Grant and Miguel!

These two beautiful humans from Toronto, ON are looking for an amazing woman to become their surrogate. Married last May, they are ready to expand their family with your help! If you are a surrogate looking for a match like these two please reach out! 

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"We are incredibly loving people who are so ready to be parents! We both grew up around children and for as long as we can remember have wanted to become fathers. Miguel will be Papa and Grant will be Daddy. We would be eternally grateful to our surrogate who will help us make our dreams come true!"

More about Grant and Miguel

We are both in our mid 30s and have been together for 4 years. Miguel is a web developer and Grant an Education Officer for Ontario's Ministry of Education. We both love travelling (Miguel's family is from Mallorca, Spain), music and love attending concerts and festivals (from Adele, Beyonce, to the Lumineers and Arcade Fire). We also love to have friends over for dinner or simply unwind on the couch with our dog Sammy and some Netflix. We love the dog park in our neighbourhood where we've made a lot of friends. 

A month in to dating we brought up the idea of having kids of our own. We remember almost simultaneously saying "yes!". 4 years later we were married. It was magical. We were surrounded with friends and family from Canada and all over the world. The love in the room was almost overwhelming. As we look to growing our family, we want our future child to feel that same love we felt on May 13th. 

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When you come to the realization that you are gay, having a family seems complicated, but that never deterred us. We've always wanted to experience that indescribable love that comes from having your own child for as long as we can remember. 

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As our surrogate, we can promise you that any child you will help us bring into this world will always know the feeling of unconditional love. Our child will always know that they are loved, cared for and protected. They will always come home to two fathers who believe in their dreams, support them when they fall and challenge them to experience all life has to offer. 

As our surrogate, you will always know that you are appreciated and how very grateful we are to have you in our lives. Our child will always hear about the special woman that helped bring them to us; the special woman who helped us become a family.

We hope that, by sharing our story, we will meet the woman who can help make our dream come true.

We are open to all types of relationships with our surrogate. In our ideal relationship, we would like to form a friendship with the surrogate that would be based on mutual respect, trust and kindness. Hopefully, this would be the beginning of a long friendship. We would also want our child to know the special woman who helped us build our family.

We are ready to go as soon as we find the right person to help us on our journey. We have frozen embryos with the clinic right now that are healthy are ready to transfer! But this journey has also taught us patience. We are waiting to find the right woman to help us bring our child into the world.

Please reach out if you have questions for us or just want to get to know us a little better. We are an open-book and, if this journey has taught us one thing, itโ€™s the beauty of watching strangers become friends.

Grant & Miguel


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