The Best Pregnancy Morning Routine Ever!

best pregnancy morning routine ever hello baby ptbo

Welcome to the first post in our first blog series! Here on the blog we will talk about the biggest challenges you’ll face from bump to baby including that first year of parenting! You’ll find super helpful advice, local stories from Peterborough moms, tutorials, recipes and FREE printables from your Hello, Baby! Doulas and our amazing Community Partners. 

Our very first blog series starts at the beginning! PREGNANCY! Each week we'll be sharing one post from our series full of fun advice on how to take care of yourself through your pregnancy. So make sure to bookmark our site and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for next week's topic!

Let's get started! 

Mornings are hard for some of us on a good day. Throw in a pregnancy and you could be in for a rude start to your day. 

Gotta Pee?

The best way to start your day off right is to get the best, and most sleep possible! I loathe waking up in the night to pee, especially now that we're in colder weather. One of my tricks at 24 weeks pregnant is to drink lots of water at dinner time to get that last bit of hydration in and then right before I go to bed, and sometimes again before I know I'm falling asleep is to make that last trip to the bathroom and get ALL the pee out. Try leaning forward during your pee to compress the bladder and literally squeeze that last bit out before heading to slumber town.

Wake Up!

Need a hot drink to feel awake? Try hot water and lemon, or something amazing for your digestion like ginger tea! 

Grab a Smoothie and Have a Decent Breakfast

It's like getting your body dressed for the day - having a good breakfast is going to make you and your baby happy, confident and give you an energy boost right when you might need it most. Keep it simple and make a smoothie - we love Oh She Glows but any well balanced smoothie will do. Our kids love smoothies so this is a win with the whole family! On the Go Breakfast? Make these on a Sunday and you've got a very easy and nutritious grab and go breakfast!

Get that Pregnant Glow!

If you're not feeling uber glowy this morning, try this recipe for an easy face scrub. Don't forget to moisturize after. I always feel so good after this ritual because everything feels smooth and fresh leaving me feeling clear headed and ready to face the day. Another trick - add a little bronzer with a gold/pink hue to really boost up your glow! 

Now that we’ve got you ready to face the day, come back next week when we turn the spotlight onto one of our AMAZING community partners and talk about why paying attention to your pelvic floor (think kegels!) matters.  Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can come back to it when you need to. Thank you for joining us!

— Steph 

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