Three wonderful reasons to cast your baby bump!

Shirt off, belly out!

Making a belly casting is a great chance to celebrate your body and your baby.  You can cast from your hips to your shoulders in any combination!  Breasts. Belly. Hips.  You name it, we've got you covered... literally!  

People do all sorts of creative things with their bell casting. You can decorate it with anything from paint to a collage of pictures or even tiles!  You can hang your casting on the wall of a nursery, set it on a shelf, use it as a prop for newborn photos, or even use your belly bowl to hold anything from receiving blankets to stones and candles!  

Cast and painted by Jennifer Avis 2016

Cast and painted by Jennifer Avis 2016

Not convinced?  Never fear.  There are more reasons than nursery art to book a belly casting!

1. Belly casting is an experience.

While we get covered in plaster and generally make a lovely mess, we chat!  We chat about your pregnancy.  We chat about your hopes and dreams for yourself, your family, and your baby.  We chat about joy and fear.  

Making time for yourself during your pregnancy is so important and having your belly cast is a wonderful way to relax and revel in your pregnant body.  The process is fun, messy, and intimate.  The cool plaster, the connection that comes from sharing touch, and the almost inevitable reaction of little baby to the process are all memorable.  You are not just creating a piece of art, you are creating a memory!

I had such a great time doing a belly casting with Jenn. It turned out AMAZING and she was pretty awesome to chat and hang out with for an evening. I got some gorgeous newborn pictures of my little one curled up in mamma’s belly that I will cherish.
— Marina 2016
Different styles of casting done by Hello, Baby! 2016

Different styles of casting done by Hello, Baby! 2016

2. Belly casting gives you perspective.

One day you are pregnant, and the next you have a beautiful little baby (or two!) in your arms.  It is amazing how quickly things change and it is absolutely normal to miss your baby bump! One of the coolest things to see is a new parent examine their cast while holding their new baby.  It is like the truth of the fact that YOUR baby lived inside THAT belly is finally able to set in.  There is something so special about being able to touch and revisit that moment in your pregnancy and a belly casting lets you do that.

Sweet baby A resting in front of her former home 2015

Sweet baby A resting in front of her former home 2015

3. Belly Casting is FUN!

When else can you cover your body in jelly and plaster?!  Belly casting is so much fun.  From getting lubed up to the final POP when we take the cast off the whole process is creative and personal.  Get your partner involved and make it a family affair!

Steph D having her TWIN belly cast 2016

Steph D having her TWIN belly cast 2016

Jennifer [from Hello, Baby!] is AWESOME! No really! She’s so laid back and easy going and totally made me felt at ease when she did my belly casting. I (and my husband) had an absolute blast with her and 150% recommend her! love love love!
— Steph D 2016

When should you book your belly casting?

Great question!  The best time to book your belly casting is NOW!  Ideally, you want to cast your belly between the 34th and 36th week of your pregnancy so booking ahead means we will be able to book you into our calendar!  Your casting will be done by Jenn or Steph, the doulas of Hello, Baby!, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  The whole thing takes less than an hour and you will have a finished, sanded, and primed belly cast back in your hands within two weeks.

We can't wait to work with you!