Postpartum healing: what happens when you bind your belly

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What is postpartum belly binding?

Bengkung belly binding is a traditional Malayasian method of helping the body heal after having a baby. Women are wrapped and bound with cotton from their hips to their bust to honour and promote the health and healing of the womb. At Hello, Baby! we use gorgeous, hand dyed, 100% unbleached muslin to wrap your abdomen to help support your body's natural healing process. 

What are the benefits of belly binding? 

We don't know about you, but after birth, we want to feel strong, supported, and comfortable! After being pregnant and feeling limited, we couldn't wait to feel normal again. Belly binding can help you get there, faster. 

When a baby is born, our bodies are left in this state of expansion. We're full of retained water, fat and air which was used to support our growing babies. Although we will release this excess over time, belly binding post-pregnancy is a fantastic way to speed up the process using constant, but gentle pressure on the abdomen. 

Belly binding provides holistic support to all of the abdominal and pelvic organs including the muscles in the pelvic area. By binding your belly, we're encouraging and allowing your body to "close" more easily than just being left in an expanded state. 

Belly binding can

  • assist in the healing process of Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti)
  • improve posture and circulation
  • support loosened ligaments
  • provide support to your torso and back
  • helps your uterus and vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position
  • support your pelvic floor
  • provide emotional benefits (with closing ceremony)
  • celebrate your postpartum body!

When should I bind?

With a vaginal delivery, you can be wrapped within the first week postpartum and if you have had a cesarean 4-6 weeks postpartum with a doctor’s approval. This is when binding is most effective as a tool to promote the health and healing of the womb after having a baby.

It is never too late to bind! The benefits we listed above are all possible post-baby at any stage and you may still be experiencing symptoms a year or more after your birth.

What happens when I book a belly binding?

One of our doulas will visit you in your home. She'll bring your beautiful wrap and you'll talk about your birth and postpartum experience together. We begin our binding ceremonies by burning sage and lighting a beeswax candle to create a sacred space and acknowledge and celebrate your body and your baby. You can choose to wear a tank-top, but we totally recommend going skin-to-skin!

Your fee includes: 

  • A handmade, hand dyed, 100% unbleached, cotton muslin Bengkung wrap
  • Additional wraps are available for purchasing in varying designs and colours for an additional fee
  • Two in-home visits
    • Visit #1 - Belly binding ceremony 
    • Visit #2 - Belly binding lesson

How do I schedule a Belly Binding Session?

Fill out Hello, Baby's contact form and let us know your story. Don't forget to include your availability.