Seriously. Go the F@&k to sleep!

Babies sleep a lot... until they don't.

Getting your baby to sleep is one of the top sources of stress for parents.  There are tons of products geared towards lulling baby to sleep but there is one key thing they all fail to do!  None of these products help to soothe you!  Our babies feed off of our emotions and there is little more frustrating than a baby that just will not go to sleep.  Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution which is why aromatherapy sprays work so well!

Aromatherapy spray blended for a 2% dilution with baby safe Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy spray blended for a 2% dilution with baby safe Essential Oils.

How does Sleepy Time spray work?

Using an aromatherapy spray couldn't be easier!  Stop. Spray. Breathe.  Taking a moment to spritz and smell in the sweet and earthy scent of Sleepy Time spray forces you to slow down and breathe deep.  It is instantly relaxing to you and to baby! Sleepy Time spray sets the stage for a peaceful bedtime routine.  

What puts the sleepy dust in Sleep Time spray?

All of Hello, Baby!'s aromatherapy sprays are diluted to 2% which keeps them safe for both parent and baby. Sleepy Time spray includes: 

Lavender: Eliminates nervous tension and anxiety

Bergamot: Has both antidepressant and sedative qualities

Palmarosa:  Is a mood enhancer and leaves you more open to positive feelings

Blended together Sleep Time is a recipe for relaxation and calm and sweet, sweet sleep.

Where can you get Sleepy Time spray?

Hello, Baby!’s Wellness Collection is  Naturopathic Doctor Approved and available online!  Click HERE to view the whole Wellness Collection and treat yourself to some self care products for pregnancy, birth, and the first year with your new baby!