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Top 5 "Real Talk" Blogs About Living With Infertility

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) and the theme for 2017 is "Listen Up!" When you are struggling with something as personal and poignant as infertility, it is easy to feel alone in your struggle. There is a lot to learn and finding a community of people to support and empower you through this journey is not always easy.  

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You are not alone.

(Un)fortunately there is a diverse, informed, compassionate and vast online community of bloggers out there who boldly and beautifully share their stories of diagnosis, treatment, loss, pregnancy, and parenting during and after life with infertility.  You are not alone.  So this year, in honour of the "Listen Up!" theme for NIAW we decided to spend some time with these blogs and highlight some of our top choices.  We were looking for blogs that combined "real talk" with real resources; that were honest and humorous; and most of all for blogs that were sure to leave you feeling a little bit less alone in this journey.

Top 5 "Real Talk" Blogs About Living With Infertility

1. Stirrup Queens is the blog about all things to do with infertility, fertility treatments, and pregnancy or infant loss.  The number of resources available through this one site is awesome and makes it a great starting point if you are looking for links to organizations, other blogging sites to follow along with, or information about diagnoses or treatments.  The name alone grabbed our attention!

2. The author of  Dreaming of Diapers is a straight shooter who is obviously passionate about raising awareness about and increasing advocacy for people living with infertility.  When you read this blog you will get the whole story about her struggles with infertility - the good, the bad, and the very very real.  One of the biggest messages that keeps coming up throughout is that you are not alone in this struggle.  Definitely worth a look!

3. A sweet blog full of real talk and personal stories, STARBUCKS, PEACE, AND THE PURSUIT OF A BABY has it all.  In fact, they have a few things that other blogs don't have!  The sections "TTC Dictionary" and "What to Expect - IVF 201" are awesome and easy to use resources to keep you current about some of the most commonly used terms and commonly asked questions you will run across during your journey.

4. Maya writes about her experiences with infertility & trying to conceive with assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.) in her blog Don't Count Your Eggs. She details her journey to pregnancy and motherhood and now, life parenting after infertility, in great detail.  Maya, her partner, and their team have even made a film called One More Shot detailing their own journey and addressing many of the broader issues surrounding something that affects so many women and families in North America.

5. Last, but certainly not least, Inconceivable! is a cheeky blog written by someone who has been down a long road including infertility, PCOS, IVF, miscarriage, PPROM, and on to parenting a preemie.  Through it all, Katherine writes snappy and honest posts about her own experiences and many "close to home" issues and happenings that affect all women struggling with fertility issues.

Listen Up!

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