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Should I hire a postpartum doula now... or after baby is born?

Hiring your postpartum doula NOW is a good choice.

If you are hiring a postpartum doula it is because you know that once baby is born and home, you are going to need some support. The fact that you have taken the time to think about taking care of yourself and your baby after they are born it amazing - seriously, we are SUPER proud of you! So take that one extra step and hire your postpartum doula NOW.

You will be happy you planned ahead.

Taking the time to meet with and hire a postpartum doula now, before baby is born, is definitely a good idea for a couple of reasons.

First of all, you are going to need to tap into that support shortly after your baby is born and you are settling in at home. If you wait until you are in the thick of those hazy newborn days you are in survival mode and it may fall off of your list. Booking your doula now is setting yourself up for a less stressful and more supported transition into parenthood, not to mention recovery from birth.

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Secondly, hiring a postpartum doula is usually something you want to take a little time with! You will be sharing time and space with your doula and it is important that you feel comfortable with them and confident in their skills and experience. Your partner may also want to meet them ahead of time! Trying to make this kind of personal / professional connection with someone when you are already in the middle of transition can be tough! Now, while you are pregnant, you will have more time to explore your options and make the right choice for you.

Connect with a Hello, Baby! doula.

Day or night, Hello, Baby!’s doulas can work with you and your family to get through those first days, weeks, and even months with your baby. You don’t have to just survive your postpartum period - you can walk through it at your own pace with an experienced professional to guide you and help you learn new skills. E-mail to connect with a Hello, Baby! doula and find out more about what we offer to support your postpartum experience.

Put a doula on your baby shower wish list!

Get them to think “out of the box”

We know that hiring a doula is an investment (and a darn good one!) and if you have decided that having a doula is the right choice for your birth, recovery, and transition into parenthood then you CAN make it work. Most doulas (including Hello, Baby!) offer payment plans to help you break out the expense over several months which is a great option to explore. If you still feel like hiring a doula is not something you are able to afford, then why not add it to your wish list for a baby shower?

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Let your friends and family help you out.

It is normal for friends and family to pitch in together to buy you a “big ticket” item like a stroller system, crib set, or car seat so asking them to work together to buy you the gift of birth or postpartum support just makes sense! In fact, it is an amazing way for friends or family who live at a distance to feel connected and included in your experience. It gives them a chance to help you even when they can’t be there in person.

Feel awkward asking for money towards doula support?

Asking for cash makes the best of us feel awkward so… don’t! Ask your doula if they offer gift certificates that can be used towards birth or postpartum support. This way your friends and family know what they are contributing to and have something tangible to give you at your shower!

When is the best time to hire my birth doula?

The earlier the better!

If you are thinking of adding a doula to your birth team, you may want to consider starting your search sooner rather than later. Although there is no “too late” when it comes to hiring your doula, you definitely get a fuller experience when you connect in the first half of your pregnancy! The earlier in your pregnancy you hire your doula, the more time you have to:

  • access their resources and expertise

  • find out about one another and how you will click on the birthday

  • practice hands-on comfort measures

  • get connected to professionals, groups, and resources in your community

  • ask your doula questions as they come up along the way

  • have your birth partner connect with your doula and figure out how they are going to work together to support you and each other

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Want to connect with a Hello, Baby! doula?

We offer a free consultation to anyone who would like to come and meet us. Finding a doula that you connect with is important so we like to make some time for you to ask questions and make sure that what we offer is going to be what you need! Don’t be shy - we are always happy to chat. E-mail to set up a consultation and chat with a Hello, Baby! doula.

Holding space for loss

Doulas and loss

As doulas we are passionate about supporting people through pregnancy, birth, and the weeks and months of postpartum transition and healing that follow. We work hard to make sure that we are always learning and building our skills to offer the best support possible - to be whatever you need.

Doulas can support you through a loss or a pregnancy after loss with sensitivity and consistent support. 

Doulas can support you through a loss or a pregnancy after loss with sensitivity and consistent support. 

The further into this work we go, the more we are learning that supporting our clients through a loss will continue to be a significant part of our work.  Whether it is the loss of a pregnancy in the early weeks, a stillbirth, or the death of a baby postpartum - loss affects many families in our community in so many ways. As doulas, it is our responsibility to support our clients through these losses in whatever way is needed. There are so many ways for us to do this, but most important is our ability to hold space for our clients as they grapple with loss and to acknowledge their experience and the life lost. 

Holding space

Holding space sounds very vague out of context but it can be one of a doula's most important skills both in birth and while supporting a family through loss. Holding space can be especially important while someone is working through the complicated process of grieving and healing after a loss. As a doula, holding space can include anything from sitting, listening, and bearing witness to consoling, reflecting, and helping to celebrate or mourn the life lost. Most of all, holding space means being there - observing and responding because, as with birth, loss is experienced differently by everyone. 

From holding space to holding hands, a doula can be with you as you work your way through grief and loss. 

From holding space to holding hands, a doula can be with you as you work your way through grief and loss. 

Acknowledging the life lost

Time and again, we hear parents who have lost explain how isolating the experience has been for them. People are afraid to talk with them about it expect in expressions of condolences or pitty. The more we learn about working with people and families moving through loss, the more we are seeing the deep importance of acknowledging the life lost. When a pregnancy ends or a baby dies, it is not only that one life that ends. Of course, parents and siblings continue on but the life they expected - the new family they had prepared themselves for - is also gone.  After the initial loss has passed, engaging with parents on their own terms to help remember that little life is something that everyone ought to be able to do, and is something that as doulas, we strive to support. 

PAIL Advocate Training

What has brought on this sudden bought of reflection on our work as doulas?  For those of you who follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram, you may know that Jenn has started taking a course to help the Hello, Baby! team better support our clients through loss and grief when we find ourselves there with them. Being able to communicate well, help our clients understand what may be happening to their bodies and babies, and to support them as they move through grief is something we believe is so important to our work.  If you have been affected by the loss of a pregnancy or baby, we want you to know you are not alone - we are always here to listen and help lift you up however we are able.