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Have you thought about what happens AFTER birth?

Healing and finding balance. 

Too often we think about “bouncing back” from pregnancy, ignoring the important new changes to our bodies and lives.  You have created a whole tiny human, birthed that baby, and the life changes keep on rollin' in as you and your family adjust to your new roles and family dynamic.  This is big stuff, friends. 

Slow the *F* down.

For some reason, after giving birth we have a notion that within days we should be able to jump right back into life as it was before birth and baby.  Why?!  Give yourself some time and space to rest and recover.

Let's be real here for a minute, O.K.?  There is no going back, friends. You have some serious healing to do - even if your birth was "text book" and physically you feel great!  Your body has given so much to your tiny human during pregnancy and you need to replenish and find a new way forward. 

The 4th Trimester

Whatever you want to call it, the weeks and months after giving birth are an important period of time for you, your baby, and your whole family. Just as you made space for learning and self care during your first three trimesters, giving yourself that same love and care during the first few months after birth is absolutely important!  So, what can you do to help yourself during that postpartum period?

Shop. Learn. Connect. Grow. 

Cloth pads:   County Cloth Creations    Fridet the MomWasher:   Fridababy   Herbal sitz blend:   Hello, Baby!

Cloth pads: County Cloth Creations  Fridet the MomWasher: Fridababy Herbal sitz blend: Hello, Baby!

1. Invest in some quality postpartum care products.

You don't need a whole lot of gadgets and fancy pants stuff after birth (though we are HUGE fans of Fridet the MomWasher for perineal care - it just makes sense!) but investing in some natural and effective care products can help make your recovery from birth a whole lot more comfortable. The Hello, Baby! shop (located downtown Peterborough) has a great selection of healing and self care products - come check them out!

2. Take a class! There is a lot to learn about postpartum wellness. 

Part of our Birth + Baby Prep School classes focuses on recovery from birth (vaginal and cesarean) because as birth parents ourselves, we know how important it is to know what is normal and when to reach out for help after birth. We also have some other amazing learning opportunities coming up at the Hello, Baby! hub if you want to plan ahead and make your postpartum recovery a little easier!


Sitting Moon postpartum workshop

Jesse Gottlieb-Jacob R.Ac R. Tcmp has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Peterborough for ten years. In that time he has worked with many women trying to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy,  prevent the need for inductions, and restore postpartum health. His aim is to provide insight and support to make the transformative time of pregnancy as nourishing and connected as possible.

Join Jesse to learn about the tradition of Sitting Moon. He will walk you through examples of how you and your family can support your postpartum recovery, review some nutritious recipes, and demonstrate helpful exercises that you can practice safely after birth.  

Wear comfy clothes and bring a notebook. Yoga mats, water and tea provided by Hello, Baby!


Join Jill Persson from Health with Jill on July 12th from 10am to 1130am to talk about how to eat well after birth!

Life with a new baby is challenging enough on its own. Trying to find the time and energy to make a balanced meal can seem downright impossible. Arm yourself with confidence and a nutrition toolkit to help you make healthful choices that nourish your body and mind. We’ll cover:

  • Nutrition that aids in recovery from all types of birth

  • Foods to support breastfeeding

  • Simple meal planning strategies

  • How food can give you more energy, lift your mood, and help you sleep better

  • What to eat when there’s no time to cook and you only have one hand free

  • Walk away with a collection of simple, fast recipes designed to nourish and energize

3. Build your community & learn new skills!

Connecting with other new parents is such an important part of finding balance in your new life.  Choosing one or two weekly activities to break up the weeks and keep you connected to your peers is a great idea!  The New Parent Club is one of the best weekly meet ups around because it combines community, comfort, and learning. The New Parent Club is a 6 week session for you and baby. You can come and enjoy a comfy couch, refreshments, and weekly mini-workshops on subjects ranging from infant sleep to family friendly natural remedies facilitated by health and wellness professionals right here in Peterborough! Grow your skills base and learn from one another - this is the way parenting is meant to be.

Make the most of your 4th trimester!

Don't rush yourself through such an important time in your life. Healing physically and emotionally after birth sets you up for a smoother transition into parenting and a healthier life!  Invest in yourself and spend some time making a postpartum plan to help you and your family move forward into your new lives with baby! 

Spice things up with our Warming Paste!

Cramps suck. Period. (Pun fully intended.)

What's one thing everyone experiences after birth that no one tells you about?  After pains.  As your uterus returns to it's normal size (a process called "involution") you are likely going to be feeling crampy and sore.  But don't worry - we've got you covered.

Sweet & Spicy!  Massaging this Warming Paste onto your postpartum body provides comfort and promotes healing.

Sweet & Spicy!  Massaging this Warming Paste onto your postpartum body provides comfort and promotes healing.

Fight those cramps with a sweet & spicy belly rub

Whether you use our Warming Paste to help yourself heal after birth or later when you start menstruating it's sweet & spicy scent will bring your comfort.  Bonus!? The act of gently massaging the paste into your skin warms the paste and promotes circulation and healing. Add a hot water bottle into the mix and you have some serious cramp fighting power!  Each tin holds 2oz of dry mix. Just combine one scoop with an oil of your choice (sesame oil or almond oil are especially nice) to create a paste which you can massage into your belly!

What's in the mix & how do I get some?

A blend of herbs and spices featuring cinnamon, nutmeg, anise seed, and ginger give this Warming Paste it's sweet & spicy smell. Want to order your tin now?  Just click HERE to buy online!

Celebrate Earth Day with Healing Products Inspired by Mother Earth

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is a chance for you to have a think about how to live a greener life!  When you are pregnant or caring for a newborn keeping things as simple and safe as possible is where it's at.  We feel the same way and that is what our Wellness Collection is all about.  Making the simple choice the best choice!

Simple. Safe. Effective.

Hello, Baby!'s Wellness Collection is handmade with love right here in Peterborough.  Carefully chosen herbs, flowers, oils, and butters are blended to create simple, safe, and effective products for you and your baby.  When you read the ingredient list on the back of any of our products you will not find any hidden preservatives, perfumes, or colours.  Everything is natural, organic when possible, and is made and packaged with as much green-power as we can muster.

Peterborough doula Hello Baby Wellness Collection

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

When we created these products we were definitely thinking of Mother Earth!  All of our packaging is recyclable or, better yet, re-usable and we stuck to glass and tin, using as little plastic as possible.  A little goes a long way with every Wellness Collection product so you won't need to run back and forth to the shop to pick up more, either.

Cloth diaper friendly.

Our Healing Balm is a multipurpose wonder cream and guess what?  It is also cloth diaper friendly!  There is no zinc or heavy waxes to gum up your cloth and make washing and stripping a pain in the butt. Yay!

Made locally with love.

Not only does Hello, Baby! make all of their Wellness Collection products by hand right here in Peterborough, all of the ingredients are purchased locally whenever possible, too!  We even get our beeswax from farmer's market vendors or the awesome people over at Dancing Bee apiary in Port Hope.  Buying local not only supports your local economy, it cuts down your product's carbon footprint!  Win win.

Celebrate Earth Day with some flower power!

If you are thinking about making the switch to some greener healing and self-care products check in with our online shop, visit us at the Bellies & Babies Baby Expo this Sunday, or head over to Play Cafe!  Follow us on Instagram at @hellobabyptbo for fun updates about our products, classes, and doula service and make sure to tag us if you pick up a product and love it!

Learn how to treat your vulva right after birth

All hail the majestic vulva!

If you have experienced a vaginal birth, then you know that from vulva to cervix, your whole vaginal "zone" is pretty amazing.  Your vagina did things that you may not have thought were possible like... oh, I don't know... have a WHOLE human pass through it!

Show your vulva some lovin'

After giving birth, it is very important to be kind to yourself but especially to your "lady parts" because they will almost certainly be sore and in need of a little TLC.  Almost every woman experiences bleeding (lochia), stitches, swelling & soreness, and anxiety about urinating and passing bowel movements after giving birth.  You are also more at risk for developing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections because of the added stress on your body.

Your vulva has been through a lot! It may look different than it did before and for a while, it will certainly feel a bit different.  But postpartum vulvas need some lovin'.  Let's talk about how you can make your vulva happy after giving birth.

Peterborough doula vulvas

Caring for your vulva after birth is a must.

As doulas, me make it our business (literally!) to learn a lot about taking care "down there" and We spend a shocking amount of time reading and talking about yonis and how to make them happy after birth.  So let's take a minute and talk about how to make your vulva happy after birth.

Treat your vulva to some nice undies!

Bacteria thrives in environments which are warm and moist and a postpartum vagina is definitely both of those things.  By choosing cotton or silk underwear (both are very breathable and allow moisture to be absorbed and then evaporate quickly away from the skin) you are helping to create an environment that will discourage bacteria from multiplying.  Cotton and silk underwear are also very comfortable, which is great during the days and weeks postpartum when you and your vulva deserve a little extra lovin'.

Two words: Peri. Bottles.

These are a must have for women after giving birth.  You will be sore, most women will have experienced some amount of tearing, you may have a few stitches, and you will absolutely not want to be using scratchy toilet paper after using the washroom.  Basically, a peri bottle is a soft plastic bottle with a squirt top that you can fill with warm water and use to rinse yourself after changing pads or going to the washroom.  They are commonly given to pregnant women by their care providers before birth but, if not, you can buy them easily from your local pharmacy or in many grocery stores.  We recommend having a few on hand and simply running them through the dishwasher to ensure that they are clean and ready to use.

Sitz or Soak

A sitz bath is a shallow bath in which you submerge only your vulva, perineum, and buttocks for the purpose of cleaning or pain relief. For a postpartum woman, a sitz bath can be very refreshing.  Stitches can be itchy and the tearing you experienced may be quite sore.  Soaking in a warm sitz bath can soothe and refresh you.  For an extra healing boost consider adding an herbal soak like Hello, Baby's Sitz or Soak (available locally at Play Cafe for only $17) to promote healing?

Break out the Padsicles!

Many women experience swelling or pain on their perineum after birth and applying an ice pack is a simple way to help relieve these discomforts.  However, ice packs are not the most convenient shape for applying between your legs and, because of postpartum bleeding (lochia) they may not be the most sanitary or "mess free" way to go about things.  So what is a postpartum woman to do?

Easy. Make a padsicle!

Generously wet a "long and strong" pad (my little nickname for an overnight type feminine hygiene pad) with water, or a healing solution, and place them in the freezer until needed.  Make sure to keep the backing on your padsicles or they may stick together.  Make these a dozen at a time and store them in a large, flat Tupperware container with layers separated by parchment or wax paper.  After baby is born, you can wear these right in your underwear against your skin to provide much needed comfort and pain management.

When in doubt, hydrate.

Water is always a great tool for healing -- we are made up of about 73% water after all! While pregnant a woman will almost double the volume of blood in her body, retain fluids, and is often given IV fluids during birth.  All of that extra needs to get flushed out after baby is born so drinking ample amounts of fresh water can really help your kidneys do their work!  In terms of vaginal health, after birth women are particularly susceptible to both yeast and urinary tract infections (UTIs).  Staying hydrated helps you pee more often which can be helpful in preventing UTIs.

Peterborough doula vulva healing

We love our vulvas, how about you?

There are so many simple things you can do to take care of your vulva after birth.  If you want to have some real conversations with us and a community of women just like you, why not join us on Facebook at Bump to Baby PTBO!  It is a community based online support group where there is no such thing as TMI and everyone shows nothing but respect for the choices of others!  

Most importantly, take good care of you, and don't forget: a happy vulva is ... well, a happy vulva!