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Spotlight on Sonja Martin of Rooted Lavender
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A big part of preparing yourself for birth involves getting your mind and your body working together.  In this respect, the growing families of Peterborough are lucky to have Sonja Martin of Rooted Lavender as a part of our community.  Sonja is passionate and skilled in her work supporting women and children as they move through pregnancy into the life-long adventure of parenting.  

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I have been drawn to connecting and supporting others from a young age. My passion has been babies, mothering, breastfeeding and wellness. As I have completed yoga training and continue to learn and grow, so do my passions. I feel honoured to support families’ physical and mental health in a several capacities.
— Sonja Martin, Rooted Lavender

Sonja teaches several of her classes; including Infant Massage, yoga for children, Mindful Parenting classes, and so much more, at another Peterborough community hub, Play Cafe.  Her gentle nature and quiet confidence makes her an easy favourite with everyone she meets and her seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm are amazing.

Sonja Martin Rooted Lavender
Competency, purity of intention, humility and authenticity to self and the moment...I work each day to stay connected to these pillars.
— Sonja Martin, Rooted Lavender

Sonja is a person who lives her teachings and Hello, Baby! is so lucky to have her as a community partner!  If you get a chance to take one of her beautifully crafted classes, we highly recommend it.  Visit her on Facebook or on her website for more information on her philosophy and her events.

Take Good Care ... Mind AND Body

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