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The Best Holiday Gift List for New Parents
Peterborough doula Hello Baby

Forget the bells and whistles

If you are shopping for new parents this holiday season, keep it simple.  There are a million gadgets out there but in the end what new parents need most is support... and COFFEE. (See item #1 on the list above!)

Taking the time to stock their fridge, cook a meal, do some laundry, and toss some garbage will mean more than you know!  Offering to babysit so your friends can shower, nap, or *gasp* leave the house for a coffee is really taking it to the next level.  If you want some baby snuggles, pay your way by helping out and making the parents feel special and appreciated. Trust us, baby gets the spotlight 99.9% of the time so your friends may need a little pick me up!

Don't have time to help out?

Listen, we get it. (Do we ever get it!)  Everyone is so busy and you may have a family of your own to run around after! But what can you do for your friends if you are short on time?  Easy! Hire a postpartum doulaCall in the troops and pool together to get a doula to support your friends in-home, day or night!

To make it easy - Hello, Baby! offers Gift Certificates that can be filled out and printed and added into a basket loaded with all that coffee you will be getting the newbies! Right?  Don't forget the coffee.

Need more gift ideas?  Check out our online shop for everything from belly binding to DIY E-Books.  

Happy Holidays!

Jenn & Steph