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Getting out with your baby has never been easier!

Feeling a bit nervous about getting out with that tiny human for the first time?

It's O.K. We totally get it - we were there, too. It can seem overwhelming to pack up the diaper bag and head out into the world with your baby!  What if they fuss? What if they need to eat?  What if you have nothing to talk about other than baby toes and dirty diapers?!

Don't stress! Join the New Parent Club. 

The New Parent Club is what we wish we had during the first months with our babes!  Somewhere to go where we wouldn't have to worry about being judged for being the beautiful hot-mess that we often are for a while after bringing that sweet baby home. 

Hello Baby New Parent Club Peterborough

Hello, Baby! is the ultimate baby-friendly place to come and hang out, learn, and shop. We LOVE babies - even the fussy ones - and more importantly, we love to support new parents. We have worked hard to create a space where you can leave those worries at the door and just let it all hang out! But we know it can be hard to just walk in somewhere not knowing who will be there or what you will do so... we created the New Parent Club!

  • A parent + baby group that runs for 6 weeks at a time
  • Socialize with other parents + let your baby explore other tiny humans
  • Talk with parent + baby lovin' health and wellness professionals about the BIG issues like sleep, nutrition, mental health, keeping yourself and your baby healthy naturally, and gentle postpartum activity (yoga!)
  • Cozy up in a safe, inclusive, judgement free space

Taking those first steps can feel HUGE... but we are here for you!

The New Parent Club is the perfect place to get your feet wet. Small groups, #realtalk, baby friendly, and so much fun; you are definitely going to have a great time. At the end of 6 weeks you will have new friends, some awesome parenting #lifehacks and a ton of confidence for your next adventure!

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Bonnie Carl is Joining the New Parents Club

The New Parent Club

The New Parent Club runs in 6 week sessions throughout the year!  Join the club and come out with your baby to make new friends and chat with health and wellness professionals from our community about everything from sleep to setting positive intentions for your journey!  On the subject of setting positive intentions... have you met Bonnie?!

Bonnie Carl of Mindful Mamas Wellness

Bonnie is an RYT 200hr Yoga and Meditation teacher, classically trained in Hatha Laya Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as a practicing Reiki Practitioner with a background in Holistic Nutrition and Social Services. She offers her passion for women's health and family wellness through her business Mindful Mama's, offering programs and services to mama's and families from bellies, babes and beyond. Check her out on Facebook!

Peterborough Doula New Parent Club

Positive Vibes and Vision Boards

Every session of the New Parent Club will wrap up with a beautiful group vision board making activity led by Bonnie Carl of Mindful Mamas Wellness.  Join together with your new friends to create an intuitive and heartfelt vision board of affirmations, manifestation, abundance, release and positive vibes to bring about the parenting experience you wish for!

We provide the materials and you provide the inspiration, friends!

Peterborough Doula Vision Board

Dream big & get creative

After five weeks of learning, sharing, and skill building a little creative release is just what you need!  The beautiful vision boards can be taken home by a group member or displayed in the Hello, Baby! hub to inspire the next generation of New Parent Club members in their journey.

Erin Oliveira is Joining the New Parent Club

Get more sleep with less fuss

Understanding how you can help your baby get the sleep they need so that they are rested, happy, and healthy is a top priority for just about every parent!  How much sleep your baby gets impacts how much sleep you get, right?  #teamnosleep 

Peterborough doula sleep New Parent Club

Meet Erin Oliveira

Hello, Baby! is all about education and skill building which is exactly why we reached out to Erin Oliveira to join the New Parent Club!  Erin is a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and a Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

She is more than a sleep consultant - she is an educator who takes the time to explain the "why" behind her suggestions with evidence based information. She offers suggestions, skills, and methods compatible with all parenting styles and approaches sleep from a family centered perspective. 

Peterborough Doula Sleep New Parent Club

Join the New Parent Club to talk sleep with Erin!

Erin will join us once every 6 weeks to talk sleep, pass on some pro tips, and give you some guidance to get more sleep with less fuss!  You can ask her your questions and get some real answers specific to your situation in the comfort of the Hello, Baby! hub while lounging and sipping on some tea. Sound good? Join the club!