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Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale, Baby!

If there is one thing the doulas of Hello, Baby! love it is sharing knowledge and building skills. So, for our very first BLACK FRIDAY SALE we are not only launching our NEW DIY E-BOOKS full of recipes, instructions, and awesome information on simple, safe, and natural body-care products we are launching then in a BUNDLE for 50% OFF!

Yup!  THREE print quality PDF e-books delivered right to your inbox for ONLY $15.

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So... what is in these DIY E-Books?

The BUMP TO BABY bundle (see what we did there?!) includes a DIY guide for making body-care products for pregnancy, healing from birth, and caring for your newborn.  Each recipe has been created with love, a TON of research, and lots of trial and error so we know you are getting recipes that work!  Each guide has:

  • 4 or 5 simple, safe, and natural product recipes
  • a list of places to buy ingredients locally
  • detailed description of the chosen ingredients & their healing power
  • easy to follow instructions for each recipe
  • a whole lot of Hello, Baby! love

How do you buy your DIY E-Book bundle?

Just like the recipes in each DIY guide, we made buying this sweet Bump to Baby bundle easy as pie!  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to be whisked over to our ONLINE SHOP and cash in on this amazing Black Friday offer!

Three DIY E-Book for only $15.  Enjoy!

Love Jenn & Steph