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Elate Cosmetics at Hello, Baby!

Beautiful. Natural. Guilt Free. 

Hello, Baby! is STOKED to carry Elate Cosmetics because we believe that not only is this line of makeup gorgeous and well worth your dollars, but because we believe in the values of the Elate brand. 

Hello Baby Peterborough Elate Cosmetics

Vegan. Toxin Free. Sustainable. Canadian.

Elate Cosmetics are some of the best made in Canada - trust us, we have looked. The quality of the ingredients is obvious as soon as you touch the product. Seriously - next time you are in the hub smell the lipstick. SMELL IT!  It is divine. 

Some of the beautiful ELATE Cosmetics line in the Hello, Baby! shop, downtown Peterborough. From left to right: Elate Essential Mascara, Bamboo Trio Palette, Elate Cream Lipstick, Goddess Glow Bronzer.

Some of the beautiful ELATE Cosmetics line in the Hello, Baby! shop, downtown Peterborough. From left to right: Elate Essential Mascara, Bamboo Trio Palette, Elate Cream Lipstick, Goddess Glow Bronzer.

Part of your ritual.

One of the things we love MOST about Elate is their belief in ritual. We know that as new parents time is limited. Putting on makeup is not high on the list of priorities for a while but, slowly, as you are able to work that part of your self care back into your day being able to use products that are not only beautiful but that are nourishing, healing, and made with positive intentions can become part of a ritual of self care and that is a beautiful thing!

Come in to the shop and play!

Our Elate Cosmetics collection is slowly growing and we want you to come in and explore the products. Play with the colours, touch and smell the eye shadows and blushes, and get to know the product so that you feel as confident as we do in making this part of your life!  

Give yourself a BOOST!

Sometimes you need a little something to lift you up!

Ask anyone who has given birth and they will tell you that there is a point during labour (maybe even more than one) when you "hit a wall".  You have been working hard and both your body and your mind need a boost!  A simple self-care tool you can use during labour - or anytime- is an aromatherapy spray.

Aromatherapy spray, 2% dilution, EOs safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Aromatherapy spray, 2% dilution, EOs safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Using aromatherapy is a popular comfort measure during labour but diffusing EOs in the birth room is not always possible.  A spray can be packed in your birth bag and used as much (or as little) as you like.  Boost! is fresh and bright; just what the Doula ordered to help give you some extra energy as you labour.

What gives BOOST! its pep?

All of our aromatherapy sprays are made with carefully selected Essential Oils and mixed to a 2% dilution to ensure that they are safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding women.  BOOST! is all about refilling your cup and putting the pep back in your step during labour and afterwards during the busy baby days.  BOOST! spray is a blend of: 

Lemon: Lifts the mood and wards off depression
Ylang Ylang: helps to calm your mood and can boost blood flow
Spearmint: Promotes a sense of focus

Blended together Boost! promotes a positive mind frame and a cool & calm sense of focus. Perfect for labour!

How do you get yourself some BOOST!?

Hello, Baby!’s Wellness Collection is Naturopathic Doctor Approved and available to order online HERE ! Treat yourself to some beautiful, hand-made wellness products for pregnancy, birth, and the first year with baby.

Bleeding After Birth: What's Normal and What's Not.

Bleeding after birth is normal.

Whether you give birth vaginally or via cesarean section, you will experience some bleeding after birth.  This postpartum bleeding, called lochia, is just one way your body sheds some of the "extras" of pregnancy and restores balance to your healing body.

Mesh panties are synonymous with postpartum healing and bleeding.  -   Birth Story   by Steph Hayes 

Mesh panties are synonymous with postpartum healing and bleeding.  - Birth Story by Steph Hayes 

Why do we bleed after birth?

When you bleed after birth, much like when you menstruate, your body is letting go of more than just blood.  So what is lochia?

Blood: When your placenta separates from your uterus after baby is born there is, in essence, a wound left on the inner uterine wall which bleeds until healed.

Sloughed off endometrium: Just like when you menstruate, after your baby is born, the endometirum (uterine lining) that developed to support baby while in-utero is no longer needed and is shed as the uterus recovers.

Mucus: What stage of pregnancy and birth doesn't involve mucus? This mucus comes from both the endometrium and the cervix.

Dead (necrotic) tissue:  Once your placenta separates from the uterus, there is a wound on the inner uterine wall.  As your uterus heals and returns back to its normal size, this wound heals and a sort of scab forms which is them shed and released with the rest of the lochia.

What kind of bleeding are we talking about?

Basically, lochia will look like your menstrual blood but there will be more of it and it will be “chunkier“; at least in the beginning.  It will start out quite red (bright or dark) and after a few days will begin to slow and change colour to more of a rust or brown.  By the end of a few weeks it may only look like tinged or streaked discharge and eventually will simply taper off entirely.  

How long will this bleeding last?

Generally, people experience lochia after birth for anywhere from 4-6 weeks though for some people, this part of the healing process wraps up much sooner.  Typically, the first 7 to 10 days is when you will see bleeding that looks and feels like a heavy menstrual flow.  After that first week, things will start to taper off and both the amount and the colour of the lochia will begin to fade.

Peterborough doula postpartum bleeding lochia

How do I know if something is wrong?

Bleeding after birth is totally normal but you should still know what to watch out for! Remember that the days and weeks postpartum are best spent relaxing, healing, and taking good care of yourself and your baby. Talk to your healthcare provider IF:

  • Your bleeding has slowed and become faint in colour but then suddenly increases in flow and becomes red again; you are likely doing too much!  Slow down.
  • Your lochia smells bad/foul; this could be a sign of uterine infection
  • You are passing clots larger than the size of a prune or are passing clots frequently; this could indicate that healing is not progressing as expected and your health care provider will want to investigate
  • You suddenly begin to bleed heavily, experience a “gush” of blood, or are soaking through a menstrual pad in an hour or less

Tips for Care & Healing

For most of us, bleeding after birth is a bit of a messy inconvenience and that is about it.  We rock a pair of mesh underwear, maybe throw an absorbent sheet down on the bed “just in case” and start a collection of peri-bottles. It really is nothing to worry about.  That being said, there are a few things you can do to help the healing process along.

Rest. Slow down and go easy on yourself.  No matter how you gave birth, your body has been through a lot and needs time to heal.  Running and crunches can wait a while – for now, walking and swaying with baby will do nicely.

Stick with pads. Using tampons while you are healing from birth is not a great idea.  Besides the fact that you will very likely be sore or waiting for stitches to heal, inserting tampons into your vagina can introduce bacteria and cause infection which is not something you want!

On the subject of pads… if you can, invest in pads that have as little plastic as possible and are unscented. This will help minimize irritation and maximize air flow. Also, change them often.

Meet Peri.  Your peri bottle will be your new best friend.  Get close.  Fill your bottle with warm water and squirt yourself liberally after going to the washroom or when changing pads.  Not only does it feel great, but it will keep your vulva and vagina clean and fresh.

Bleeding after birth is nothing to worry about.  Know what to look for and take good care of yourself in the days and weeks after baby arrives and you will be just fine!  If you are feeling bold, share a picture of yourself rocking your "meshies" or other postpartum healing tools with us on Instagram at @hellobabyptbo