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Erin Oliveira is Joining the New Parent Club

Get more sleep with less fuss

Understanding how you can help your baby get the sleep they need so that they are rested, happy, and healthy is a top priority for just about every parent!  How much sleep your baby gets impacts how much sleep you get, right?  #teamnosleep 

Peterborough doula sleep New Parent Club

Meet Erin Oliveira

Hello, Baby! is all about education and skill building which is exactly why we reached out to Erin Oliveira to join the New Parent Club!  Erin is a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and a Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

She is more than a sleep consultant - she is an educator who takes the time to explain the "why" behind her suggestions with evidence based information. She offers suggestions, skills, and methods compatible with all parenting styles and approaches sleep from a family centered perspective. 

Peterborough Doula Sleep New Parent Club

Join the New Parent Club to talk sleep with Erin!

Erin will join us once every 6 weeks to talk sleep, pass on some pro tips, and give you some guidance to get more sleep with less fuss!  You can ask her your questions and get some real answers specific to your situation in the comfort of the Hello, Baby! hub while lounging and sipping on some tea. Sound good? Join the club!

Seriously. Go the F@&k to sleep!

Babies sleep a lot... until they don't.

Getting your baby to sleep is one of the top sources of stress for parents.  There are tons of products geared towards lulling baby to sleep but there is one key thing they all fail to do!  None of these products help to soothe you!  Our babies feed off of our emotions and there is little more frustrating than a baby that just will not go to sleep.  Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution which is why aromatherapy sprays work so well!

Aromatherapy spray blended for a 2% dilution with baby safe Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy spray blended for a 2% dilution with baby safe Essential Oils.

How does Sleepy Time spray work?

Using an aromatherapy spray couldn't be easier!  Stop. Spray. Breathe.  Taking a moment to spritz and smell in the sweet and earthy scent of Sleepy Time spray forces you to slow down and breathe deep.  It is instantly relaxing to you and to baby! Sleepy Time spray sets the stage for a peaceful bedtime routine.  

What puts the sleepy dust in Sleep Time spray?

All of Hello, Baby!'s aromatherapy sprays are diluted to 2% which keeps them safe for both parent and baby. Sleepy Time spray includes: 

Lavender: Eliminates nervous tension and anxiety

Bergamot: Has both antidepressant and sedative qualities

Palmarosa:  Is a mood enhancer and leaves you more open to positive feelings

Blended together Sleep Time is a recipe for relaxation and calm and sweet, sweet sleep.

Where can you get Sleepy Time spray?

Hello, Baby!’s Wellness Collection is  Naturopathic Doctor Approved and available online!  Click HERE to view the whole Wellness Collection and treat yourself to some self care products for pregnancy, birth, and the first year with your new baby!

3 Simple Steps to Get the Silent Night You Are Dreaming About!

Are you getting enough sleep?

The holiday season is fun but, if we are being honest, it can also be stressful especially with a baby in the picture!  All the hustle and bustle, parties, and travelling can really put a kink in your baby's sleep patterns and can make having a Silent Night seem like the impossible dream.

As always, we've got you covered. From The Best Holiday Gift List for New Parents to our latest post all about Holiday Foods to Avoid While Pregnant, this year's Holiday Blog Series is all about taking the stress out of the season!  So, on that note, let's talk about what you can do to get the Silent Night your are dreaming about in 3 simple steps.

Peterborough doula Hello Baby sleep

Healthy Sleep Habits

So... Silent Night is probably a little bit misleading if you are living with a newborn.  Did you know a newborn will not internalize the difference between night and day (this is called the circadian rhythm) for as long as 3 months?  So, even though they can sleep for up to 18 hours each day, frequent nighttime waking is totally normal for babies throughout the first year of life and beyond.  This is tough for us as parents because we need our nighttime sleep!  Even though a completely silent night may be a few months away, by creating healthy sleep habits for you and your baby you will cut out some of the stress (and noise) that comes with nighttime wakings.

When you start working to create healthy sleep habits, the first step is to create a routine that you will be able to use regularly at home or elsewhere.  Most bedtime routines involve feeding, bathing, reading or singing, maybe some more feeding (especially if baby is breastfed) and then, for the first few months of life, some rocking or cuddling to sleep.  This wind down routine helps your baby calm and settle so that they can drift off more easily when the time comes for the lights to go out.

Touch & Smell

Something that often gets left out of the bedtime routines that we create for our little people is the use of our senses!  Touch and smell can both be incredibly soothing and calming for you and your baby.  As doulas, we recommend incorporating some massage and aromatherapy into your routine whenever possible!

Featured: Sleepy Time Spray & Rub from Hello, Baby!'s Wellness Collection

Featured: Sleepy Time Spray & Rub from Hello, Baby!'s Wellness Collection

The products in our Wellness Collection are meant to make healing and wellness simple and beautiful and our Sleepy Time Set is no exception! BONUS: You can take them with you anywhere over the holidays to keep your bed time routine consistent!

Sleepy Time Spray is our own blend of essential oils blended to reduce stress and help bring the sleepy dust.  Give the bottle a little shake and spritz your clothes or baby's bedding lightly to create an atmosphere of calm.

Sleepy Time Rub is a beautiful massage oil infused with organic ginger and lavender to warm and soothe wrestless limbs before bedtime.  Squeeze in a little massage between bath and bed and enjoy a few minutes of bonding as well as the benefits of infant massage!

Sound like something you would like to include in your bedtime routine?  Head over to Play Cafe (Chemong Rd., Peterborough) to pick up your own set today!

Fill Your Own Cup

Do you find yourself getting impatient and stressed out when you are gearing up for putting your little one down for the night?  You are not alone!  In fact, it is not uncommon for parents dreaming of a silent night to feel outright resentful when baby is taking a long time to get to sleep or when they wake in the night. The best way to melt that stress is to practice self care.  

While your baby is young, go to bed early... REALLY early... whenever possible.  This way, even when night wakings happen, you will be able to rack up more total hours of sleep than if you went to bed later.  If you are a person who can nap, do it!  Daytime baby snuggles are the best so indulge and get some extra sleep.  Finally, if you are part of a parenting duo, try to take the night in turn.  For a breastfeeding mother this can feel impossible but even though your partner can't feed the baby, they could change a diaper, sing a song, or even grab you a quick glass of water to make the night a little less bumpy.  If your partner is not able to take the night in stride with you or if you are a solo parent, consider hiring a postpartum doula to fill that gap and help you get the rest you need.

Peterborough doula Hello Baby postpartum

A "Silent Night" is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sleep is one of the top three worries shared by virtually every parent.  When your baby is well rested they are happier and healthier which means you and your family will also be healthy and happy!  Create a consistent bedtime routine, incorporate smell and touch, and make sure you are getting enough sleep, too.  When in doubt, call in the troops in the form of friends, family, or a postpartum doula to lend a helping hand.

Wishing you silent nights and pleasant dreams!

Happy Holidays 

Jenn & Steph

Holiday Makers Market

Happy Holidays!

'Tis the season and Hello, Baby! is ready to mix & mingle at Play Cafe's awesome Holiday Makers Market happening Saturday December 3 from 10am to 1pm!!  

We will have our Wellness Collection on hand and have even cooked up a SPECIAL for you!  What is the one thing that every parent wants more than just about anything else?

A Silent Night!

Peterborough Doula Hello Baby Silent Night

Other than Prenatal Education Classes and Doula Support, Hello, Baby! can also help you start to create healthy sleep habits for you and your family.  A solid understanding of infant sleep needs, a routine that is going to work for your family, and a couple of tricks up your sleeve will have everyone getting more sleep quick as a wink!

Sleepy Time Spray & Rub for ONLY $20

This weekend at the Holiday Makers Market, Hello, Baby! will have a SPECIAL OFFER to help you get that Silent Night you've been wishing for. Buy a Sleepy Time Set - which includes our beautiful baby-safe aromatherapy Sleepy Time Spray and our gentle infused oil Sleepy Time Rub - for ONLY $20!  A great savings and a chance to talk to use about creating healthy sleep habits for your baby while you're at it.

See you at the Holiday Makers Market!!

Jenn & Steph