The top 3 reasons you should take a Childbirth Education Class

Preparing for a positive and empowered birth.

Setting aside some time to prepare for giving birth is something that you should do no matter where or how you plan on bringing your baby into the world.  Knowing what to expect from your body, your baby, and your health care providers is a really important first step in preparing for an empowered and positive birth experience.  During pregnancy and labour (not to mention once you are officially a parent!) there are so many choices you will have to make.  Take it from us, learning about all of this "stuff" ahead of time is much better than trying to make decisions while you are also working through labour.  

Enter the Childbirth Education Class.

There are so many amazing books you can read (but which ones to choose?), you can Google every question your heart desire's (and get a billion answers), and talking to your friends and family about their experiences with birth can be very helpful in preparing you for what labour might be like (or not, depending on how their experiences mesh with your hopes and goals) but taking a Childbirth Education Class is better!  Here are our top 3 reasons you should take a Prenatal Education Class before giving birth.

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1. Taking a Childbirth Education Class gives you the chance to learn and practice with your birth partner.

From the first contraction through to the first few days with your newborn, a good Childbirth Education Class will walk you through what to expect and how to manage.  You will watch videos, read articles, exchange questions and experiences, and will be taught about the normal process of birth and what options you have when things don’t quite go to plan.  

Most importantly, you will be able to do all this together with your birth partner so that when the big day comes, you are confident in yourself and in them.  Even if your birth partner is really excited about being a part of the birth process, chances are as the pregnant person you are the one doing most of the reading, You Tube surfing, and mom-group snooping.  A Childbirth Education Class is a great way to carve out some dedicated time for you to focus on birth together.

Learn together. Birth together. Makes sense, right?

photo: matt + steph 2016

photo: matt + steph 2016

2. A Childbirth Education Class can be tailored to you and the birth you are hoping to have.

When you take a Prenatal Education Class, you will learn about A LOT of "birthy" things.

  • How to prepare for a home or hospital birth
  • Changes in the last few weeks of pregnancy
  • Stages and Phases of labour
  • Pain relief options (medical and hands-on)
  • Different positions for labour
  • Different positions for pushing
  • “What ifs” & medical interventions
  • What a ceasarean birth would be like
  • What your care providers will be doing and why
  • Caring for your newborn
  • Healing from birth

But most importantly, you will get to talk about your birth and your goals as they relate to your experience.  Working with a childbirth educator and (usually) a group of other pregnant pairs means that you benefit from the knowledge and perspective of people just like you giving birth in the same community and working with the same groups of health care providers.

3. Taking a Childbirth Education Class is empowering.

Ideally, a good Childbirth Education Class will strike a balance between the ideal and the "what ifs" of birth.  You should leave class  feeling confident that you can have the birth you want, while knowing that if your experience takes a different direction you have the tools and information you need to make the choices you want.  You will have practiced working together with your birth partner to ride through your contractions with comfort and confidence  

Childbirth Education Classes normalize birth, help you connect your mind and your body, and leave you feeling excited and prepared for a beautiful birth experience.  Birth does not have to be mysterious or scary.  It can be a beautiful experience and when you walk out of your Childbirth Education Class you will believe that.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

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How you feel about your birth experience matters.

You will always remember giving birth. It's a pretty big deal, right?!   Regardless of whether the birth of your baby goes “to plan” or takes a few unexpected turns, being able to look back on your birth experience and feel that you were able to ask questions and actively make choices can go a long way to making the memory of your birth journey a positive and empowering one. So what are you waiting for? Register for a Childbirth Education Class now and get ready to feel excited about birth!