When is the best time to take a childbirth education class?

Preparing for birth is important!

Taking a class to prepare for birth - often called childbirth or prenatal education - is a great idea for everyone as you get ready to labour, give birth, and care for your baby.  Learning what to expect from your body and your baby means you will feel positive and empowered when you feel those first exciting contractions!  If you want to know more about why we think childbirth education is so important, take a trip back in time and check out our blog post all about it!

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When is the best time to take a class?

There are no rules about when you should register for a childbirth education class but for the most part, waiting until you are about 30 weeks pregnant works well.  As you jump (or roll) into your third trimester you will have baby on the brain so this is a perfect time for you and a birth partner to really dive in and learn all about your choices.  If you register too early, you are just not "in the zone" yet and if you wait too much longer than 30 weeks pregnant you may be uncomfortable hanging out in a classroom setting for too long!  

Register well in advance because they tend to fill up quickly!

Once you find a class you think is the perfect fir for you - don't wait too long to register!  Childbirth education classes tend to fill up pretty quickly and you don't want to miss out on a great chance to learn and connect!

Want to register for Hello, Baby!'s Birth + Baby Prep School?

Registering is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!  You can just click HERE to hop right over to the website, get all the details about class, and register right there online.