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Hello, Baby!'s Grand Opening

Let's Celebrate!

Hello, Baby! is moving downtown and we CANNOT wait to show you the amazing space we have created. Shopping, classes, groups, resources, and so much more!  It is going to be incredible.

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

The Deets.

The doors to the Hello, Baby! Hub will be opening Friday March 2nd at 7pm. The celebration will start with a little ribbon cutting ceremony and then move inside for music and treats!!  We will have some take-home goodies for people and a BIG + EXCITING draw happening. Follow along on Instagram for more about the draw and how to enter your name!

Thank you

Hello, Baby! could not have done this without you!  This community is unbelievable and the support you have given us is inspiring. With this next chapter in the life of Hello, Baby! we are going to make you proud, friends!  

Welcome to the Hello, Baby! Hub: Shop. Learn. Grow. Connect.

More than a store.

Hello, Baby! is getting our first brick and mortar location downtown Peterborough but it is way more that a store.  It is a HUB. A one-stop-shop for all of your pregnancy and parenting needs! Sounds great, right?!  But what the heck does it mean?

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

Shop. Learn. Grow. Connect.

Yes! The Hello, Baby! hub WILL have a great SHOP full of carefully chosen items to help make your journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenting just a little bit easier. ( Stay tuned for more about the amazing products we will be carrying here and on Instagram! )  Having the right tools for the job is super important and we want to help you find just what you need! 

The hub will also have two separate spaces for you to LEARN, GROW, and CONNECT.  

The Gathering Space will be your favourite home away from home in no time!  Comfy couches and chairs, bright sunny windows, coffee & tea, toys for the kiddies all make the Gathering Space a safe and inviting space for you to feed your babies, take in a workshop, or join a club or group!

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

The Wellness Studio will be home to speaker series, yoga and fitness classes, and mini-retreats!  Simple, spacious, and private this little studio space will foster a cozy and personal atmosphere. You will LOVE the cute sliding barn door, too!

There's more!

Aside from the amazing classes, workshops, and products, the Hello, Baby! hub will also have some amazing resources for you to share in.  We will be setting up a Lending Library for the bookworms and a Carrier Library for the babywearing lovers.  There will space to hang-out outside in the warm weather and cozy places to snuggle up when it's cold. Best of all, the Hello, Baby! hub will be a place you can go to ask questions, meet friends, and let it all hang out judgement free. 

Peterborough doula Hello Baby

Your go-to place for pregnancy and parenting!

We are literally making our dreams come true and we cannot wait for you to come and join us downtown!  There are lots more amazing details coming up soon so check in to the blog, join our newsletter mailing list, and follow us on Instagram for all the behind the scenes fun.

Birth + Baby Prep School Summer Sessions

Summer school is in!

If you are looking for a hands-on prenatal education experience, Hello, Baby! has got you covered with the Birth + Baby Prep School weekend classes.  This convenient 2 day class will give you the confidence boost you need for an empowering and positive birth and get you ready to navigate life with a newborn. Our spring sessions filled up FAST so we have rolled out of summer dates!

Peterborough doula prenatal education

Birth Prep

Saturday (Day 1) is all about labour and birth!  Your Hello, Baby! doulas will help you create a recipe for a positive and empowering birth! LEARN and then PRACTICE is our motto. To get you and a birth partner ready for birthing your baby your way we will learn about: 

  • Hospital, Home or Clinic birth
  • Preparing for a positive and empowering birth - how the heck can we do this?
  • What can my birth partner do? 
  • What can I bring to my birth space?
  • What's a birth plan and how can I use it?
  • How can I cope emotionally and physically?
  • What are my pain relief and induction options? (natural and medical)
  • What is a doula and how can they help us?
  • What is a placenta? What can I do with it?
  • “What if” scenarios and how to cope

We will also practice positions, breathing exercises, and ways to cope through contractions and pushing. Class includes tons of instructional and empowering videos, exercises to demonstrate what we're learning about... and so much more!

Baby Prep

On Sunday we will be picking up where we left off, which is immediate recovery after birth, what newborns look like and the checks they may have, and what to do once you're settling in at home. Here's a look at some of the topics we cover in this class

  • How long will it take to heal from birth?
  • What can healing from a cesarean birth be like?
  • What is postpartum depression & how do I know if I have it?
  • How much will my baby sleep?
  • How often will my baby eat?
  • What the heck do I do with baby's umbilical cord stump?!
  • How do I swaddle my newborn?
  • What is breastfeeding & how does it work?
  • Who can help me with all of this... and so much more!

Register with a few quick clicks

You can register for all of Hello, Baby!'s classes online with a few easy steps. Choose your class, choose the date, provide your contact information and pay the class fee in less than five minutes!  Hello, Baby!'s Birth + Baby Prep School classes fill up fast so don't wait too long to grab your spot.

Eating well doesn't have to be hard!

Eating well for you and your family

Jill Persson is a toddler-mom, and a CanFitPro Certified Healthy Eating and Weightloss Coach on a mission is to empower parents to cook simple, nutrient-dense meals, while raising healthy, happy, vibrant kids. Her love of food and nutrition science goes back to her childhood, where she learned to cook and bake with her mom (both a health-nut before it was cool, and an accomplished baker of sweet treats).

Jill Persson of Health with Jill is bringing a nutrition workshop series to Hello, Baby! Check her out online at

Jill Persson of Health with Jill is bringing a nutrition workshop series to Hello, Baby! Check her out online at

Keep it simple, silly!

Once Jill became a mom herself, she quickly realized that her much-loved habit of spending hours creating complicated recipes was not going to fly. She had to rework her love for cooking and passion for nutrition so that she could prioritize time with her family, and still enjoy delicious, nutritious foods.

And so, Health With Jill was born, based on the belief that simply vibrant health is attainable through great food, minus the gimmicks and guilt trips of the diet industry. You’ll find a wealth of simple recipes, nutrition information and sustainable lifestyle change tips on the blog and social media channels, and one-on-one nutrition coaching services will be launching this spring.

Peterborough doula health with jill

Where can you find Health with Jill?

If you haven't checked her out yet, Jill's Instagram account is AH-MAZING!  She is funny, real, and gives you so many great ideas for prepping meals and boosting the goodies in your food for you and for picky toddlers.  Health with Jill also has a Facebook page you can check out and, of course, in May you will be able to join Jill in the Hello, Baby! hub for this awesome workshop.