Breastfeeding 101

A #realtalk class for you to learn about making breastfeeding work for you and your family. Set realistic expectations for yourself, learn the skills to make your goals happen, get connected with community resources, and leave feeling prepared to meet any challenges head-on.



Bring your partner or support person and enjoy a #realtalk 90 minute class led by an experienced Hello, Baby! doula.  During class we will explore:

✔ Your breastfeeding goals + your support network

✔ What you can expect from breastfeeding in the beginning

✔ How your body makes milk

✔ The system of supply and demand

✔ How you baby latches and feeds at the breast

✔ The signs that your baby is feeding well

✔ Common breastfeeding challenges + breast health

✔ Community supports and resources

Breastfeeding 101
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It takes time to find your groove with breastfeeding. Understanding how your body and your baby work together, how your partner and support people can help you get a strong start, and who is there to help you along the way are all important parts in creating and reaching your breastfeeding goals!

The Nitty Gritty

To secure your spot in class pre-registration is required. Space fills up quickly so take out your calendar and book ahead!