Discovery Babies!


Wondering what milestones your baby is supposed to be reaching and how to get there? 


Meet Shelby! A mama to, Wilder, Shelby has connected her background in Early Childhood Education with her passion of supporting other parents in her community and she is super excited to work with you as the instructor of our amazeballs baby milestone program Discovery Babies! 

Discovery Babies is program for parents/caregivers and tiny humans in their first year of life.

Using play, you will engage in activities to help babies reach their developmental milestones while bonding! Activities will be catered to each child’s skill and mobility level and is not a one-size fits all. You'll leave with a better understanding of your baby’s wide range of skills and abilities and have a wonderful time learning and playing with your baby in new and exciting ways.

Each week we will: 

  • Enjoy Circle time (songs and finger play)
  • Discuss skills and milestones
  • Use play to develop that skill
  • Wrap up with ways to practice this at home!

Each Session includes 4 weeks.

0-6 month old babies meet at 11 AM every Wednesday 

6-12 month old babies meet at 11 AM every Friday


Week 1: Fine Motor Skills (reaching and tracking)

Week 2: Tummy Time!

Week 3: Sensory Play with colours and shapes

Week 4: Babbling, Cooing and an Intro to Language


Week 1: Fine Motor Skills (pincer grasp and object transfer)

Week 2: Sitting, Rolling, Pulling to Stand!

Week 3: Sensory Play with the 5 senses

Week 4: Sounds, First Words and Language Development