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Hey Babe!

Nessa Lenardis equips you with the essential knowledge and tools to handle contractions with strength and control.

In Empowered Birth, you’ll learn about your body, the birthing process, and find your voice!

Self-study, or follow along in our 4 week immersive program. Class takes place in the comfort of your own home. No more worrying about lining up your schedule with what’s available around town.

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1 easy payment of $149.99


2 easy payments of $74.99

Session Start:

Prepare to handle every contraction with strength and control!


How is our class different? well, We’re not going to sugar coat anything! We’re going to tell you like it is so you know what to expect. We’re going to guide you through how to get in touch with your intuition so you can create those connections NOW with between your mind and body.

Now you can take your prenatal education class anywhere you have wifi!


Registration is open!






Is Empowered Birth Right for Me?


Empowered Birth is for:

 ✔ Your first, second, or umpteenth birth
 ✔ Pregnant people, couples, + birth partners
 ✔ Natural birth plans, medicated ones, and everything in between!
 ✔ Homebirth, Birth Centre / Clinic Births, and Hospital Births!
 ✔ Vaginal Birth including VBACs
 ✔ Cesarean Birth
 ✔ Multiples
 ✔ any scenario (midwife, ob, family doctor)

What's Included?

 ✔ 4 weeks of immersive prenatal education
 ✔ Empowered Birth Workbook
 ✔ 4 Guided Meditations
 ✔ Top 10 Questions to ask your care provider
 ✔ Assignments that help you dig deep into your power
 ✔ Private online community full of birth peeps just like you!
 ✔ Live Q & A sessions each week to answer your questions
 ✔ FOREVER ACCESS to course material!


Let’s tap into that intuition so we can connect your mind and body for a powerful birth experience!


Meet Your Teacher


Hey! I’m nessa!

I’m a mother, a full-spectrum doula, an intuitive coach, a tarot reader and your Empowered Birth teacher.

Trust me when I say, I know how to move through some pretty difficult shit and I’m going to teach you to do the same! I created Empowered Birth because I want you to feel like a goddess warrior woman after your birth!

I’m here to support you and coach you through this crazy beautiful time in your life! I promise you, when you sign up for Empowered Birth, I’ll tell it like it is with lots of info and real talk. I’m here to hold your hand, and guide you through every contraction so we can get through this together with confidence! You with me?





Meet telsi

Hi! I'm Telsi!
I am a wellness junkie with a passion for helping people connect to the wisdom of their body. I want you to experience what harmony feels like when your mind, body, and spirit are aligned. My offerings to you are short, easy-to-use meditations that you can keep in your wellness toolbox as a way to tune into your truth, your needs, and your desires. I've carefully crafted these meditations for you to compliment the weekly lessons laid out in this course. These meditations will help you connect to your intuition, learn where you store tension and trauma in your body, teach you how to create boundaries and keep them sacred, and teach you how to surrender to the processes of life and labour. Inhale. Exhale. Let's do this, loves!


Course Curriculum


Week 1


✔ What is my Intuition and how do I find it?
✔ Tapping in to our own power
✔ Advocacy
✔ Birth Boundaries
✔ Stepping in to our power in the birth room
✔ Anchors, Teams, and Tools
✔ Homework

Week 2

Mind + Body

✔ The Mind + Body Connection
✔ Fear Tension Pain Cycle
✔ Body Literacy exercise!
✔ Cervix + Dilation
✔ Uterus + Pushing
✔ Contractions: What are they? What do they feel like? How to Cope
✔ Natural Pain Relief
✔ Medical Pain Relief
✔ Homework

Week 3

Mind + Body +

✔ Birth Stages + Phases
✔ Going from Early Labour to Active Labour
✔ Protecting Birth Boundaries, Rituals, Rhythms
✔ Vaginal Birth
✔ Placenta Birth
✔ C-Section Birth
✔ Homework


✔ how to push through the unknown
✔ tired, exhausted, and undernourished vs pain
✔ when it all goes to shit, what do you do?
✔ revisiting our birth boundaries
✔ the first latch and protecting breastfeeding goals
✔ surviving the first 48 hours
✔ how to THRIVE, instead of survive
✔ Guideded Meditation for an Empowering Birth

Week 4


♥ for our prenatal education!

My husband and I had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and felt comfortable and supported! We ended up with a confidence and a level of preparedness we didn't have before and are even more eager to welcome our first child and share the joy and challenges of labour and delivery! We would highly recommend this class to anyone!

Working with Nessa at Hello Baby was one of the best decisions my partner and I made when we became pregnant. This was our first child and we were clueless about the process of pregnancy and what to expect when it can time to deliver and care for our babe. We took her prenatal education course and were so pleased with how the course prepared us for what was to come.

We left the class feeling confident, validated, and feeling ready to become parents! We were so thrilled with the level of professionalism and knowledge that was shared with us that we hired Nessa to be our Doula. This was the best decision we could have made. We gave ourselves the gift of support, comfort, peace-of-mind, and knowledge during labor when we hired Nessa. She is an outstanding Doula in every way. I highly recommend her as a Doula and as a practitioner of all things prenatal, birth, and after birth support and care. Nessa is absolute magic.


payment plans available!

2 easy payments of $74.99


1 easy payment of $149.99

Our first class starts September 9th.

Registration for future classes will be announced soon. Limited space is available so don’t delay! Get your spot today!

Any questions can be emailed to info@hellobabyptbo.com