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Doula Services

what if I'm giving birth at the hospital? / What if I have a doctor?

We support all types of birth, regardless of birth place or care provider! We are here to support you and your family in your choices.

are you available for my due date?

We hope so! Don't be afraid to inquire! We look forward to hearing from you!

when should we book you?

We accept a limited number of clients each month in order to give you the best care possible It is never too late, or too early, to inquire, so don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of where you are in your journey!

what do your packages include?

Our packages are designed to provide you with the care, support and resources you need at any time in your journey. We offer packages from fertility through to your first year with your baby including our amazing classes!

We also offer a la carte postpartum care hours.

do you travel?

Absolutely! We are happy to travel to come and support you. We have a radius we are comfortable travelling to depending on the time of year. If you’re outside of Peterborough by more than an hour please let us know in your consultation (book here!). A small travel fee will apply.

Learn more about our packages here.

do you offer emergency support?

Yes. Depending on our schedules we can accommodate in-home postpartum support! Sometimes this is exactly why you need us. Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of where you are in your journey!

If you feel you are ever in crisis or experiencing a physical emergency you need to call 911 or go into the nearest emergency room.

Placenta Services

How can my placenta support my mental/emotional health after birth?

There are several factors that can contribute to a person developing the “baby blues” or one of the various expressions of postpartum depression and/or anxiety (PPD/PPA). Low iron levels, the normal hormonal changes that happen after birth, sleep deprivation (hello, newborn life!) and for some people a personal or family history of depression or anxiety can all lead to exaggerated highs and lows after baby is born. Because your placenta is rich in iron, B Vitamins, estrogens, progesterones, cortisol, and endorphins including placenta capsules as part of your postpartum self-care plan can help to support your mental and emotional health. For more support options see our placenta services.

How can encapsulating my placenta promote lactation & support a healthy milk supply?

One of the most reported effects experienced by women who choose to include placenta capsules in their postpartum self-care plan is a positive impact on bringing in breast milk and maintaining a healthy milk supply. The placenta contains both prolactin and oxytocin, two important hormones in the process of lactation and, as we have seen, the placenta also contains iron which is important both for the breastfeeding mother, and her baby. For more support options see our placenta services.

How can my placenta nourish my depleted postpartum body?

Some of the other benefits of including placenta capsules and remedies in your postpartum self-care plan include pain management, stress reduction, and increased energy. If you have chosen to have a tincture made, you will be able to use it in times of transition, stress or when your menstrual cycle returns for years after birth. For more support options see our placenta services.

What hormones and minerals are found in steamed and dehydrated placentas?


Can you provide me with evidence based articles on how this works?

Yes! Here are a few of our favourites.

  1. Does the steam/dehydration of placenta leave enough of the hormones intact to make a physiologic / psychological difference on postpartum recovery? Ingesting encapsulated placenta can help, by way of hormones supplementation, to manage/prevent depression and to promote lactation - check out this study!


do you offer maternity, birth or newborn photography?

Yes! Steph is also a photographer and you can see her work at www.birthstoryptbo.com

When adding on birth photography to your doula package you acknowledge that doula support comes first. What that means is although Steph is also photographing your birth, she is primarily there as doula support. Steph will be looking for the connections and moments unfolding between the people around you. She wants to capture that moment when you feel so safe and supported, or that moment when you’re at your strongest and most willful! She wants to show you how hard you worked to birth this baby.

classes and workshops

Where are your classes located?

Can I bundle classes?

When should I take my Childbirth Education Class?

When is the best time to take your Pumping 101 Class?