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what is intuitive wellness?

Intuitive Wellness is the empowering concept that if we tune in and listen to our bodies and our hearts, then we will intuitively know what we need to be well. Intuitive wellness is all about creating and nurturing that mind and body connection, and trusting your gut about what you need and when you need it. It’s time to prepare and practice so you can feel empowered and in control of your body! Our Maternal Support Practitioners (aka Doulas) and wellness experts specialize in:






Introducing: Online Prenatal Education

self-study as early as 12 wks, 20 wks, or 30 wks pregnant

not pregnant yet, but super keen?

learn about your body,

connect to your intuition,

and learn how to advocate

for yourself in any situation!


doula support you can always count on!

Our Doulas know how to take the BEST care of you and your family. They are trained in the art of maternal support and are here to support you on your journey. Each of our doulas can provide informational support, emotional, and physical support when you need it most. We are also expert baby snugglers! Just sayin’

Now offering

Birth Support

4th Trimester Support


prepare for an empowered birth

You’ll be ready for birth after completing this course because we’re not going to sugar coat anything! We’re going to guide you through how to get in touch with your intuition so you can create mind-body connections in order to handle your contractions with strength and control. We’ll use guided meditations prepared specifically for each week of our course to help you really dive deep in to your wishes, worries and fears surrounding this birth.

You know those parts of birth you really want to say “YES!” to? We’ll explore why they have you so excited in the first place and make sure that no matter how birth goes, you are ready to handle whatever comes your way. You’re going to feel so excited for birth after completing this course, I promise!

*Partners are more than welcome to join us on this journey, in fact, we highly recommend they do because we know support is crucial to the success of an empowered birth.


our mission

We want you to feel elated and like a fucking bad-ass after the birth of your baby! We also know that in order to feel this way, you’ve got to prepare.


Doula Support

now accepting clients

available spots for 2019

2 Pregnancy and Birth Remaining

available spots for 2020

12 Pregnancy and Birth Remaining


Hi! I’m Nessa!

I’m a mother, a full-spectrum doula, an intuitive coach, a childbirth educator, a tarot reader andddd the host of the Wombspace Podcast (launching soon).

Trust me when I say, I know how to move through some pretty difficult shit. In 2018, my marriage ended, my business was failing and I had to close my shop, and the shit kept piling on (my about page is coming soon!). In the tarot world, we call this a tower year. Everything has to crumble to the ground in order to be rebuilt. Think of the phoenix rising from the ashes. So powerful!

I’ve created Empowered Birth because I want you to feel like that kind of handle anything that comes your way-goddess-warrior woman after your birth!

I’m here to support you and coach you through this crazy beautiful time in your life! I promise you, when you sign up for Empowered Birth or hire me as your doula or coach, I’ll tell it like it is with lots of info and swearing, and leave nothing out. I’m here to hold your hand, and guide you through every contraction so we can get through this together with confidence! You with me?