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Intuitive Wellness

Introducing: Online Prenatal Education



easy, online prenatal ed.

Take your prenatal education class anywhere you have access to wifi! It’s that easy! No more waiting for a spot to open up at your local hospital’s run of the mill class. Our kick-ass, immersive prenatal education, Empowered Birth, will have you feeling truly prepared and confident for the birth experience you want! We put you in the driver’s seat of your own wellness, providing with you the tools to understand your own body, trust your intuition, and advocate for want and need. Sign up solo or with your partner. Take back control and ditch the fear by signing up today!


our courses

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our mission

In 4 short weeks, Empowered Birth can help you feel prepared for birth, and ready to handle every contraction with strength and control!


Hi! I’m Nessa!

I’m a mother, full-spectrum doula, intuitive coach, childbirth educator, and tarot reader andddd the host of the Wombspace Podcast.

As an intuitive and a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising - my life is work is all about being in service for the collective - aka YOU! I’m here to support you and coach you through this crazy beautiful time in your life! You know I’ll tell it like it is and leave nothing behind. I’m here to hold your hand and lift you up so we can get through this together with confidence!