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Doulas, Educators, Community, + Shop - To book your Doula, register for classes, or get more info check us out!

Changing lives with Empowering Education + Doula Support


we believe

Knowledge is power.

The experience of pregnancy and giving birth is identity forming. Growing and birthing a baby is a process of becoming - there is no going back. Birth is powerful!

How you feel, how well you are supported, and how connected you are with your partner and community are vitally important as you prepare for birth and life with baby.

Arm yourself with knowledge so you can make informed choices in the birth room!

Don’t do this alone. Take a class, and better yet, hire your doula to get the birth experience you absolutely deserve!

Our services, classes, and shop have all been created to build you up at each stage of your journey. From prenatal education, to breastfeeding, babywearing, and sleep, our doulas are here to support you!


A doula empowers women in their pregnancy, birth, and 4th trimester to ask for and receive the prenatal care, postpartum healing, and joy they deserve from this amazing and life-changing experience!


DOULA Packages


Prenatal Education