Infant Sleep 101


Get more sleep with less fuss!

Understanding how you can help your baby get the sleep they need so that they are rested, happy, and healthy is a top priority for just about every parent!  How much sleep your baby gets impacts how much sleep you get, right?  #teamnosleep 


Erin is a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and a Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

She is more than a sleep consultant - she is an educator who takes the time to explain the "why" behind her suggestions with evidence based information. She offers suggestions, skills, and methods compatible with all parenting styles and approaches sleep from a family centered perspective

In this workshop you'll learn about:

  • How everyone can get a full night's rest
  • When and how to choose the right method of sleep training for your family
  • Safe sleep for baby
  • Setting up your sleep enviornment
  • Managing sleepy time cues
  • Naps vs Bed Time
  • Schedules vs Routines
  • Taming toddler bedtimes battles

Evidence based information, tips and resources for you to put into action, handouts, and a FREE e-book to take home.


7PM - 9PM

Space is limited.
Advanced registration is required.