New Parent Club


Want to get out of the house and speak to another adult for a min, learn how to keep the tiny human alive and maybe even have a hot cup of coffee? 

You'll look forward to every Thursday morning when you join the New Parent Club. Each week you'll sit down with experts and other parents in our community to discuss the nitty gritty of life as a new parent. There's a whole lot of #realtalk and community going on in here!

Over the course of each 6 week session we will: 

  • Getting to know each other and building community with Hello, Baby!
  • Healthy Sleep Habits with Erin Oliveira 
  • Nutrition for busy parents with Health with Jill 
  • Natural Immunity Boosting Measures with Healthy Foundations Naturopathic Clinic 
  • Mental Health and Self Care with CK Social Work (Tracey and Laura)
  • Yoga with Mindful Mama's Family Wellness (Bonnie Carl)


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