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In her off time, she is keeping it real, listening to podcasts, wishing for a puppy, tending to the garden and chasing the cats, the chickens or her two clever and wacky children.

Steph completed a BA at Trent University studying Sociology and Child Development and went on to receive a certificate in Event Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College.  From 2010 - 2012, Steph was the Event Coordinator for Vancouver Pride, a non-profit organization in Vancouver, BC. In 2012, Steph launched her first business alongside her partner and filmmaker Matthew Hayes, Love and Anchor Wedding Cinematography, which turned into Matt + Steph.

That year,  her first child was born in Halifax, NS.  With very little family and friend support available, and struggling to make it financially, Steph and Matt had a hard first year with their son. Thankfully, they had one couple who they were really close with (shout out to Lisa and Andrew!) who drove them to the hospital when Steph was in labour, babysat their tiny human so they could work a few weddings, and just provided all the moral support and wine they needed to make it through.

In the early days of her pregnancy with her second child in 2013, Steph's family was able to relocate back to Peterborough where she met Jenn (read their story here). In 2014, her daughter was born and Steph was able connect with the local babywearing community. Monthly meet-ups blossomed into amazing support networks and life-long friendships, and, of course, lots of practice babywearing.

In 2016, Steph began training with Bebo Mia and is submitting her final requirements for certification as a Maternal Support Practitioner.  While completing her training with Bebo Mia, Steph is also completing certification as a Childbirth Educator with ProDoula.

Steph's love of pregnancy, birth and all things babies led her to become a surrogate and in 2017 her surrobaby Sebi was born! He lives in NYC with his daddies who are a big part of her extended framily.

Most recently, in December 2017 Steph rounded out her doula skills with a Spinning Babies course. She is an active committee member of the Baby Friendly Initiative at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Steph is our tech wizard and designed this website!




In her free time, Jenn is often found gardening in her yard or house and doodling with her three year old daughter.  She loves nature, wildcraft, and medicinal herbs as well as pretty, pretty crystals!

Jenn completed both her BA and MA with honours at Trent University studying different aspects of women’s history with a special focus on the medicalization of the female body, obstetric history, and how medicine, the law, and women interacted.

In 2014, pregnant with her first child, Jenn met Steph (read their story here) and a great friendship and partnership started.  Jenn’s family was living alone in Peterborough, and so despite her beautiful pregnancy and birth, she and her husband, Jon, were flying by the seat of their pants into parenthood!  Being able to bond with and be guided by Steph and her family was a huge source of support!  Together, a small budding village began between both families.

With the birth of Jenn’s daughter in the summer of 2014 came moments of joy but, as is the case with so many new parents, it also came with a considerable amount of struggle. Issues with lactation, retained placenta, and a lengthy and very dark experience with Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA) meant Jenn’s first year as a parent was not at all what she expected. The impact of this experience on both herself and her partner was the spark that led Jenn to completely change her path in life and in 2015, at about 8 months postpartum, she took on the training to become a Postpartum Doula.

Jenn began by focusing her education on the issues of perinatal mental health, infant sleep, and lactation support and launched her new solo venture as Jennifer Avis Postpartum Doula all the while being supported and encouraged by her partner and, of course, Steph.  In 2016, it was time to begin training to become a Birth Doula and Jenn enrolled in and completed her Maternal Support Practitioner certification with Bebo Mia.  At the same time, Jenn completed her certification as a Childbirth Educator through ProDoula and followed that with her certification as a Placenta Specialist with International Placenta & Postpartum Arts (IPPA) in 2017.

Most recently, Jenn has been expanding her skill set by taking training such as Spinning Babies workshops and participating in SEED groups through the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre (KSAC).  In the first weeks of 2018, Jenn will also be re-certifying as a Reiki Practitioner and incorporating that into the support she is able to provide for people in her community working towards fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing.


REJeaNNE Martin

Rejeanne has recently joined the Hello, Baby crew as our back-up doula.

In her spare time she is often found listing to podcasts and wrangling her 2 busy boys.

Rejeanne completed a certificate in early childhood education at Niagara college and then went on to attended Brock University specializing in childhood development. In 2006, with a love for hair and beauty, Rejeanne took a break from education to pursue a career as a hairstylist. She trained at the Aveda Institute in Toronto and has been working as a hairstylist ever since!

In the past 3 years, she has welcomed two little boys of her own. With her first child, Rejeanne went into labour at 29 weeks gestation and was transferred to a Toronto area hospital by emergency air ambulance. Her son was born at 29+5 and spent two and a half months in both a level 3 and level 2 NICU. As a result, Rejeanne became very passionate about helping parents with a special interest in supporting those who need to stay in the NICU. Rejeanne has trained as doula through DONA international and  is a trained NICU parent mentor through Mt. Sinai Hospital. She is a huge advocate of kangaroo care and helping parents develop early attachment as well as establishing a great feeding relationship in a hopsital environment.  She is SO excited to be part of our team!