hello families!

We are the owners of Hello, Baby! , Peterborough's Most Inclusive Doula Service!

It all started with two hungry pregnant women and a big plate of sushi. During dinner, Jenn was shocked to hear Steph's family was grocery shopping by trucking through the snow and ice with a toddler strapped on her back.,. so Jenn offered to drive her instead!

We started a ritual of grocery shopping together every week and groceries turned into coffee dates, and coffee dates led to big talks about community, feminism, birth and the joys and challenges of parenting. 

When Steph's contractions started with Elsa, Jenn was already at her house (of course). And when Jenn was in the trenches with a newborn, Steph was there to drag her out of the house to go for a walk around town. They became inseparable!

Whether it was working with families (Steph as a photographer, and Jenn as a postpartum Doula) or just gathering with other parents and their own children, they kept hearing the need for inclusive support and a positive place to learn, shop, and gather for parents in Peterborough. Hello, Baby! was born in September 2016.

We know the experience of growing, birthing, and raising tiny humans is important because we living it alongside you!

We wanted to create an inclusive space for parents to gather, learn, grow and connect.

In March 2018, Hello, Baby! opened our first hub.