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You deserve to have something you can look back on that shows you as a powerful, badass goddess!

Whether it's celebrating your pregnancy, witnessing your own birth, documenting those hazy newborn days, or a capturing a good family photo. I am here to lock-in the realness and beauty of it all. 

Speaking from experience, I desperately wish I had more photos to look back on, especially from each one of my births.

These moments are so identity forming for us, it's a mystery we aren't spending more time looking back and reflecting on them. When it comes to motherhood and celebrating this enormous journey that we make from woman to mother or couple to family we need to see where we started from.

We need to look back at those maternity photos and think "Wow! I grew a human!". This is important. When it comes to birth, we need to see what it looks like. We need to know who was there with us and how they all helped to bring that baby in to the world. We need to see how hard we worked for that baby. And on the other side we need to keep witnessing how hard it is to raise that child alongside how much your heart is bursting with love. 

Your story is important and when you invest in telling your story, you invest in your future. 

If you like my style, take a look at the packages below. 

I look forward to working with you!





our Packages





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Milk Bath Maternity $200

  • 1 hour session with 12 digital images
  • Includes fresh flowers and greenery and milk (non-dairy definitely an option) 


Milk Bath newborn $300

  • up to 2 hour session with 20 digital images
  • Includes fresh flowers and greenery and milk (non-dairy definitely an option)