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Placenta encapsulation is one way to support your postpartum recovery.  Placenta capsules and tinctures can help support your emotional and physical recovery from birth and are a wonderful addition to your self care as you heal and adjust to life with a new baby. Placenta encapsulation can be booked on its own or along with your doula support package.  Meet with Hello, Baby!'s placenta specialist to talk about the different ways encapsulation can help you, learn about the process of preparation, and make a plan for the collection of your placenta after the birth of your baby!


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Your placenta can be prepared for you in different ways.  Each preparation has different uses and benefits. For example, when taking placenta capsules you are giving your depleted postpartum body a boost of iron, b vitamins, and hormones all of which can help increase your energy, balance your mood, help you manage discomfort while healing, and help support your breastfeeding journey. Having a tincture made can prove useful later on once menstruation begins again, especially if you are someone who usually experiences the symptoms of PMS.  If your not sure that capsules or tinctures are for you and are looking for another way to honour this amazing organ - baby's first "womb mate" - you could have a beautiful placenta print done to hang in your home as a unique piece of art celebrating your birth, your body, and your baby!

When a placenta is encapsulated it is prepared in a sanitized space with great care.  Your placenta can be prepared with or without the application of steam heat, and is then dehydrated, ground and placed into capsules (vegetarian capsules available). Our encapsulation service includes a consultation and one of our doulas will pick up your placenta for preparation and drop off your encapsulation package.  The process of making capsules can be completed within 48 to 72 hours from the time of pick up. Cord keepsakes, tinctures, and prints can be added to your encapsulation package or purchased on  their own.

Placenta Services


Hello, Baby!'s placenta encapsulation specialist has been trained and certified through the International Placenta & Postpartum Association (IPPA)  For more information about IPPA and their certification standards please visit

DISCLAIMER: The above are theories of the placenta's potential in how it may work and assist a mother's body and are not guaranteed claims. Links to studies and academic research can be provided upon request. Please note that any potential benefits of encapsulation have not been reviewed or endorsed by Health Canada or the FDA, and while there is plenty of evidence to support the theories behind the practice, encapsulation is never meant to diagnose or treat any ailments or symptoms and is never a substitute for medication or the advice of a licensed medical professional. If you find yourself struggling postpartum especially in areas of depression, milk supply / breastfeeding, or physically, please seek the care of a qualified provider.