The Doula Difference

We are your rock: Whatever you need, whenever you need it, your doula is there. We know by the way you're labouring what you require and are always looking ahead. 

Steady and confident: We are trained and experienced to support your birth goals and normalize birth for you and your partner. 

Keeping it real: We understand how birth happens, we can put medical lingo into #realtalk terms, and can remind you to ask questons and explore your options! 


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What does a doula do?

A doula is a maternal support practitioner. 

We meet with you during your pregnancy to get to know you and your birth partner. Your doula works with you to build a birth plan asking questions to get you thinking about the difference choices available to you throughout your pregnancy, in labour and in the birth room. 

Together we create a clear picture of what a positive and empowered birth can be. 

When the big day comes we are your consistent support system, from the moment you call us until you're settled in your first few hours as a family. 


How Can A Doula Help?

  • we make tea and coffee, give hugs, have chats, listen

  • we work with you through the ups and downs
  • we offer support and guidance when you need it most
  • we help you make a plan to move forward to wherever you need to go
  • we are the gatherers of information when you need to guidance to make the right decision for your family
  • we can help you connect with professional services in our community
  • and we help you and your loved ones navigate and sort through that information
  • follow you throughout your fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey
  • help you cope with contractions (breath work, comfort measures, visualizations or someone to help you hold your sh*t together)
  • work alongside your family and team of health care professionals (#teamwork)
  • we help you find that confidence boost to get you through the next hour, day, month, year
  • we assist in feeding with breast and/or bottle
  • we help you use the tools you've collected to take care of yourself and your tiny human(s)
  • support babywearing with tips and tricks to fit you, baby and your carrier
  • help you get the much needed rest you deserve
  • set you on the path of a positive and empowered experience
  • and so much more!


Why choose us?

  • Hello, Baby! Doulas work as a team
  • Judgement-free support
  • We are active community professionals and parents
  • Always continuing our education 
  • Inclusive of all family types





Confident Start
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Confident Start
from 225.00

Perfect for continuous support during labour and birth.

  • 1 in-home prenatal visit

  • Available 24/7 at 38 weeks by phone

  • Birth support as soon as you need us

  • Immediate Postpartum and Infant Feeding Support (we head out once you're settled in)

  • 1 hour follow up debrief 1 week postpartum

Payment Plan:
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Bump to Baby

Perfect for first-time parents.


  • 2 in-home prenatal visits

  • Birth Plan

  • Available 24/7 at 38 weeks by phone

  • Birth support as soon as you need us

  • Immediate Postpartum and Infant Feeding Support (we head out once you're settled in)

  • Birth debrief

  • 4 hours of Daytime Support

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Full Circle

Perfect for parents who need additional support.

  • 3 in-home prenatal visits

  • Available 24/7 at 38 weeks by phone

  • Birth support as soon as you need us

  • Immediate Postpartum and Infant Feeding Support we head out once you're settled in)

  • Birth debrief

  • 8 hours of Daytime Support

  • 10 hours of Overnight Support

  • Receive our Hello, Baby! Prenatal Care Package when you book this package!

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Payment plans

We offer flexible payment plans to help you budget for hiring a doula. 

All we need is a 30% deposit towards the package of your choice to book your due date in our calendar. Remaining payments can be broken down into as many as 3 instalments. The balance is due 30 days before your due date. 

For example, 

Bump to Baby Package

  • Deposit: $299.99
  • Payment 1: $300 at your first prenatal appointment
  • Payment 2: $300 at your 2nd prenatal appointment
  • Remaining Balance: $100 due 30 days before your due date. 

*before taxes... and just an example ;)