Birth Doula Support

Birth Doula Support

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We recommend booking your consultation as early as possible! Once you have called your Doctor or Midwives - call your Doula. Meeting and booking the support of your Doula before 20 weeks means you will not only have a well supported birth, but a well supported pregnancy, too!

During your pregnancy your doula helps you and your birth partner review your options and prepare for a positive and empowered birth. Your Doula will help you create a birth plan, learn and practice comfort measures and birthing positions, and can give you resources to review with your care provider.

Each visit with your doula will begin with a “check in” to discuss your pregnancy and any challenges that have come up.

Once labour begins, your doula is there for you in your home, at the hospital or the birthing room at the midwifery clinic. Your doula is your rock and is there to support and guide you and your partner through labour, birth and the first few hours of feeding and cuddling your new baby.

  • We will stick by you throughout your birth.

  • When you are ready to rest and enjoy your new family we say our congratulations!

  • In 7-10 days we follow up with a 1 hour debrief in-home.

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