Birth + Baby Prep School

Birth + Baby Prep School



Birth is not something that is happening to you, YOU are giving birth. This is the foundation of our class and is something you will not learn anywhere else. If you're expecting or supporting someone who is having a baby, do not miss our birth + baby prep school! 

Join Steph and Jenn for 1 weekend of valuable information that will completely alter your birth, newborn and postpartum experience. 

No matter how smooth and straight forward your pregnancy has been, whether you're having a vaginal birth or a cesarean, the truth is you're headed into the unknown. When you take a prenatal education class, you feel more in control. Equipping yourself with the information and skills you learn in our class allows you to make the decisions you want, even when you come to a crossroads. 

When you know what your body and baby are going to be doing, and what your health care team is going to be doing, then you have space to have a positive, enjoyable, fun and supported birth that doesn't leave you asking what the heck just happened?

Leave feeling confident and excited about your birth with the knowledge that you and your partner are on the same page and ready for any twists and turns. 


Receive our free gift of a signature tote bag (while quantities last) when you register for your prenatal class! Perfect for holding your workbook, water bottle and other class supplies on the weekend, additional birth bag, and reusable grocery bag!


Saturday 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Sunday 9 A.M to 1:30 P.M.

*vegan lunch

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  • how birth happens physically including visual examples of contractions

  • wrap your head around how a baby is going to come out of there

  • coping strategies for when contractions become intense with breathing, massage, and counter pressure techniques 

  • communication exercises for you and a partner 

  • natural and medical ways to stimulate labour 

  • labouring positions

  • pushing positions

  • review induction methods

  • review pain medication options

  • what happens in the case of a cesarean section (scheduled or emergency)

  • placentas, and how they can help with your recovery!

  • watch birth videos to see it all in action


  • how to recover from birthing vaginally or from a caesarean

  • talk about bleeding after birth

  • products and DIY recipes to help make you more comfortable

  • what to expect

  • emotional wellness, what to expect and when things go differently than plan what resources you can tap into

  • how to ask for help from family and friends

  • when to go and see a doctor / midwife


  • learn how milk is made in our bodies

  • how newborns physically take milk from our bodies

  • latch and when to correct it - finding the right latch for you and your baby

  • how partners, friends and family can help with breastfeeding

  • common breastfeeding hurdles and how to get through them

  • when to seek help from a care provider

  • bottle feeding


  • what they look like and basic checks and procedures to make sure they’re healthy and happy

  • what happens if they need to go to the NICU

  • how to take care for their hygiene

  • sleep expectations and how to get a good rhythm going for parents and babies

  • how much they need to eat

  • common newborn hurdles and how to get through them

  • when to seek help from a care provider

  • learn how to hold a baby and soothing techniques

  • practice swaddling

  • learn about the benefits of babywearing

  • practice babywearing