Empowered Birth (Full Payment)

Empowered Birth (Full Payment)


An online prenatal education class that puts you in the driver’s seat! Learn about your body, the birthing process, and find the power within to handle contractions with strength and control. This 4 week immersive prenatal education takes place in the comfort of your own home. No more worrying about lining up your schedule with what’s available around town. Plus, our course is fucking awesome. Why? We’re not going to sugar coat anything! We’re going to tell you like it is so you know what to expect. We’re going to guide you through how to get in touch with your intuition so you can create those connections NOW with between your mind and body. Including guided meditations prepared specifically for each week of our course to help you really dive deep in to your wishes, worries and fears surrounding this birth. We’re going to flip those YES! switches to ON so, no matter how birth goes, you are ready to handle whatever comes your way. You’re going to feel so excited for birth after completing this course. Partners are more than welcome to join us on this journey, in fact, we highly recommend they do because we know support is crucial to the success of an empowered birth.

Our mission is for you to feel elated and like a fucking bad-ass after the birth of your baby! We also know that in order to feel this way, you’ve got to prepare. Birth is like a marathon and this is all part of your training.

Each week of your 4 week birth preparation, we launch a new module. Everything takes place in our private online community where you can connect with the course instructor, Nessa, and other parents just like you! Questions? Don’t worry! We’ve got Q + A portions to make sure you’re moving forward feeling confident.

The best time to take our prenatal education class is anywhere around 20 weeks pregnant and on-ward. The closer to that 2nd trimester timeline you take our class, the more time you’ll have to ask the right questions of your care team, and practice the amazeballs ways of getting your mind, body, and intuition prepared for birth.

Are you ready?


*all course content is credited by Nessa Lenardis and property of Hello, Baby! Intuitive Wellness. It can not be share or reproduced without explicit written permission.

Please do not take this course with friends. We are a very small business and sharing your course log-in with others only hurts the business Nessa has worked so hard to create for herself and her two children. This is why we offer payment plans, giveaways, and scholarship opportunities.