Pregnancy + Birth Coaching Package (deposit)

Pregnancy + Birth Coaching Package (deposit)


Our experts will

  • book two prenatal meetings with you either in person, phone, or video chat

  • be available for any resources you need including linking you with information and wellness and health care professionals

  • be on call for your birth at the 38 week mark during your pregnancy

  • attend your birth

    • there’s no timeline for our support, as your coach you can tap us in whenever you need to!

      • during early labour we help answer any questions you have and help to encourage labour to progress

      • during active labour we help you by:

        • helping your partner to stay involved

        • keeping you fed and hydrated

        • updating, translating and informing you about the changes your team is suggesting

        • changing positions frequently and

        • encouraging you to use gravity,

        • assisting with birth sounds and breathing techniques

        • protecting the sanctity of your birth space, boundaries and rituals

        • encouraging you to keep going towards your birth goals,

        • using comfort measures:

          • massage

          • birth and peanut ball technique

          • movement (we have a whole library for ways to cope with contractions)

          • tens machine assistance

          • water therapy

          • hot and cold therapy

          • access medical pain relief

        • encourage you to head to your birth space or call in your birth team

      • during transitional labour we

        • maintain your rhythm of contractions and work as a team to make it through one of the most intense, but shortest parts of your labour

        • use gravity and position changes to get your baby as far down the birth canal as possible

        • use position techniques to continue to thin out your cervix

      • during pushing we

        • protect the way you want to push your baby out

        • physically and emotionally support you

        • coach you on how to push and breathe if necessary

        • encourage your birth partner to be in a position to see or catch your baby

    • once your baby is born we help you in whatever way comes next which can include

      • encourage and support you to birth your placenta

      • promoting skin to skin for parents and baby

      • helping with the first latch

      • emotionally supporting parents through repairs or other trauma from birth

      • supporting partners to support their newborn by staying with the birthing person if the newborn needs immediate support

      • general clean-up

      • debrief and congratulations! lots of ooooohing and awwwwwing

    • your coach will not leave your side until you are feeling confident and ready to rest!

  • Approximately 48 hours after your birth your coach will check in to see how you are doing and if you need any additional support!

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*availability depends on Nessa’s schedule. If Nessa is unable to attend your birth you will be notified and your deposit refunded.