Prenatal Pranayama

Prenatal Pranayama

from 12.99

Discover the therapeutic benefits of pranayama during conception, pregnancy and postpartum!  Join Bonnie Carl of Mindful Mama's Family Wellness for a 6 week breath work series beginning Wednesday April 4th. Classes will be held in the Wellness Studio at Hello, Baby!'s downtown hub located at 239 Charlotte St from 12:15 pm to 12:45 pm.  Some yoga mats available on site. Bring your own if you have one!

From a comfortable, seated position, you will be guided through simple techniques using conscious breathing, which will bring your awareness to the present, increase the depth of your breathe and prepare you mentally and physically for pregnancy, labour and birth.

Pranayama (breath/energy control)  will:

  • reduce anxiety, depression & fear
  • increase energy, memory & focus
  • induce a state of calm & relaxation that can be carried with you for hours after each practice
  • promote deeper sleep, balanced hormones and improved mood

**This class must have 6 people registered to run as scheduled. 

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