Sitting Moon: An Ancient Chinese Method for Postpartum Wellness

Sitting Moon: An Ancient Chinese Method for Postpartum Wellness

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Too often we think about “bouncing back” from pregnancy, ignoring the important new changes to our bodies and lives. Traditional Chinese medicine offers a different way to find wellness and balance in the weeks following birth. Sitting Moon, an ancient Chinese method for postpartum recovery and growth, includes lifestyle changes, dietary guidelines, advice on family dynamics, and simple exercises to promote healing and balance after birth.


Jesse Gottlieb-Jacob R.Ac R. Tcmp has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Peterborough for ten years. In that time he has worked with many women trying to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy,  prevent the need for inductions, and restore postpartum health. His aim is to provide insight and support to make the transformative time of pregnancy as nourishing and connected as possible.


Join Jesse to learn about the tradition of Sitting Moon. He will walk you through examples of how you and your family can support your postpartum recovery, review some nutritious recipes, and demonstrate helpful exercises that you can practice safely after birth.  


Wear comfy clothes and bring a notebook. Yoga mats, water and tea provided by Hello, Baby!

WHEN: May 9th from 630pm to 830pm

WHERE: Hello, Baby! Hub, 241 Charlotte Street Peterborough

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