Wake Up!

Wake Up!


If you have a baby it has probably been a while since you enjoyed a full night’s rest, are we right?  Coffee helps, but sometimes you need something to put a little pep-in-your-step as you greet a new day.  An aromatherapy spray is simple and easy to use which means you can treat yourself without even lifting your head off the pillow…or rocking chair… or toddler bed.

Aromatherapy Spray, 2% dilution, EOs safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Ingredients: Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free), Distilled Water, Essential Oils
Geranium EO: Relieves stress and increases blood flow

Ginger EO:  Mental energy, clarity, and focus
Mandarin EO: lifts a negative mood and heals the effects of stress

When blended together you get a sunny floral spray that makes sure you get out of bed on the right side!

Hello, Baby!’s Wellness Collection is a line of handmade healing products for you and your family.  Each item is made with carefully chosen natural ingredients and relies on the healing power of herbs and flowers combined with rich and nourishing oils and butters. Naturopathic Doctor Approved.

Carefully chosen ingredients
Naturopathic Doctor approved

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