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Prenatal Nutrition by Health with Jill

What foods are best for you and your growing bump?

Once you announce your upcoming bundle of joy, the whole world suddenly has an opinion on what not to eat, what you should eat, and how much (or little) you should eat. Gaining weight during pregnancy can be a huge source of stress for a pregnant person!  It can be confusing, frustrating, and not to mention nauseating to make good nutrition choices when youโ€™re battling morning sickness, cravings and aversions.

Peterborough doula nutrition

Jill makes it simple!

Join Jill for evidence-based information on eating a healthy diet during pregnancy, ensuring you get all the building blocks to grow a perfect tiny human.

  • Learn what your pregnancy cravings and aversions mean, and how to manage them

  • Find out what nutrients are essential for your beautiful bump

  • Get simple answers on foods to eat and avoid

  • Learn how to improve your mood and energy through food

  • Take home a personalized road map to your pregnancy aversions and cravings

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